DIY Laser Cut Speakers: Using Plexiglas and Masonite

033109_rg_lasercutspeakers_01.jpgI was pretty amazed when I saw this build. The fact of the matter is that not a lot of people have access to laser cutters. I was really impressed that this builder was able to use them and also use them well. The result is a spectacular set of computer speakers that must sound as great as they look. It’s important that the knowledge of building electronics isn’t lost to the big companies.

PomPoko and the Big Surprise on the Storytree

It’s been two weeks that PomPoko hasn’t really been himself. He’s a little more quiet. This week, he didn’t do his homework. He apologized, he says that due to personal reasons, he couldn’t complete it. Well, I say, at least you did the first part. Yeah, he says, I’ve barely been sleeping.

Later he tells me that he’s getting divorced. He’s been married for 14 years and last week, things just broke down. Now I remember, I think. Last week, he was talking with someone on the phone with a hushed voice. It must have been his wife. It must have been because of this.

He says that it’s hard. I know, I say. She just told you that she was leaving, I ask. No, he says, I told her that it was not going to work out. Why? She doesn’t want kids. I do. I’ve recently become an uncle, and I really want to be a dad too. My wife doesn’t really want to have any kids. She might at a certain point in the future, but I can’t wait for that. I want kids soon, he says.

A realtor is coming by tomorrow to sell the house. That fast? I ask. Yes, he says, it’s over and I need to move on. I was pretty astounded about this. PomPoko’s wife is a lawyer. They have a comfortable life. PomPoko decided that kids are more important than leaving a comfortable life. He wants kids.

I know it’s not going to be easy, he says, but I have decided to go ahead and we’ve started separating our things. That was pretty fast I say. I know…

PomPoko and Nephews on the Storytree

I’m going to be an uncle for the very first time, he exlaims. PomPoko is exhuberant. He just came back from the hospital. PomPoko’s sister-in-law just had a little PomPoko of her own. He’s still at the hospital, I’m really happy. We congratulate him. PomPoko seems thrilled and he seems to really enjoy the fact that he’ll be an uncle from now on.

Half an hour later, he gets a call. This is unusual. He steps out and has to take it. Little PomPoko is in the ICU. He had trouble breathing. I’m worried, he says, but I’m sure that he’s going to do well.

The week after, PomPoko says that Little PomPoko is doing well. He’s out of the hospital and things are great. Great for my brother, PomPoko thinks, but not for me. When will I have a littel PomPoko of my own?

PomPoko on the Storytree

I never cook he says. You never cook, PomPoko? No, I always eat out with my wife. We spend about $400 a week on restaurants he says. I spend about $300 a month on food. I didn’t say that. Then again, when I was fatter and working in finance, I used to spend a lot of money on restaurants as well. I worked out of my car and didn’t eat very healthy. Home cooked meals are so much better than restaurant.

I’ve bought a new slow cooker, but I haven’t used it yet he says. I’ve never got enough ingredients to cook food. For example, I was going to make some pancakes, but I don’t have any milk or flour. I have to buy them. The eggs are no longer good, so I have to get them too. In the end, it’s just easier to go to a restaurant and pay them for pancakes.

That’s crazy PomPoko, eating at home is so much better and cheaper. You should take a class with your wife and try to make it fun. I’m sure you’d like it I say. Later he confides that he used to cook when he was younger, but over the last 15 years he’s lost the habit. His wife is a lawyer and he’s an engineer. He’s got a maid coming in to clean up their house. Things are going well.

Gourde and Sisters on the Storytree

-I started running again.
-That’s great, I play soccer. During the winter, I play with the boys, during the summer I play with the girls.

Do you have a sister she says. I do. What does she do she asks. I tell her that my sister is a physiotherapist. She moved back to Quebec after having spent some time working at a hospital in Three Rivers. Really, my sister also spent some time there and she just came back as well she says. My sister is also a physiotherapist. My sister went to Evergreen high school, in the international program I say. My sister went there too! Those are some strange coincidences.

A few classes later, Gourde tells me that her sister doesn’t remember my sister. It had taken a few weeks for me to see my sister again. She had recently moved to James Bay to work at a hospital there for a few months. She’d be easy to remember, she’s a brownie, like me, I say. The fact of the matter was that in Quebec City, Caucasians are still the norm. Especially if you went back a few years. I was one of the two visible minority students at my private secondary school. Two out of 1200.

Gourde is interesting, she’s got a quick wit and mind. I always have fun with her.

The Portable Office: When You Are on the Go and Need A Workspace

033009_rg_portableoffice_01.jpgYou know how it is. You are on the go somewhere in town and just wish that you’d have your own table and chair. Only, most of us just can’t bring along ours with us. Or you need extra tables and chairs in your office or the kid’s room for a short while, and you can’t seem to find things that can be easily stowed away. That’s why I really like these two items. One of them is a flat-folding chair the other one is a collapsible table that’s made out of cardboard.