Gramo Solar-Powered Speakers: They Even Fit in Your Pocket!

When you are outside of your home, far away from any power source, you rapidly find out that power is really important to keep your gadgets going. Speakers need to be powered. The fact that the Gramo speakers actually use the sun to power themselves is something really cool. You’ll be able to enjoy music for a long time before power runs out.

Card Lamp Folds Flat on Desk to Keep Desk Clean

042809_rg_toshiba_card_lamp_01.jpgIf you are like me, your desk must be a mess. Mine is overflowing with paper and books, computers and envelopes all over the place. More space on your desk leaves room for even more papers. The Card lamp is a new LED lamp that totally folds flat, making space for more clutter. Or if you are really well organized, it leaves you more space to work.

OLED Lamps: Sleek and Thin

042809_rg_oled_lamps_01.jpgA lot of people are talking about OLEDs, but this is the first time I’ve actually considered that OLEDs can be used to actually light stuff up, just like LEDs. The beauty of OLED displays is that they are incredibly thin and luminescent, kind of like when LED displays first appeared. Now that LED is becoming more prevalent, a cleaner and greener alternative is also appearing in the form of OLEDs.

Stardust Light Furniture: Like it or Hate it

If you had furniture that could light-up like a spaceship, would that make you happy? Is light something that could be used in furniture without being too awkward? Those are the questions that the Stardust furniture line from Meritalia explores. It’s hard to judge your feelings for something this bold. It’s easy to dismiss it and to say that it is tasteless, but most provocative items will evoke feelings like this.