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Mini Workstation: Fits in Rooms of Any Size

042709_rg_imove_workstation_01.jpgHave you ever found yourself wishing you had a compact workstation for the garden, the living room, or your room? Wonder no more, because the iMove is the perfect solution to your workstation related blues. The iMove is a tiny workstation what will fit all laptops. It comes complete with an adjustable table and a seat, which neatly slides underneath. It’s almost like a stool. It fits in any rooms of any size, even your closet!

Knock Knock Math Joke

-Knock knock!
-Who’s there?
-3 period.
-3 period?

Seemed a lot funnier in my head after 27 hours awake.

Or more like 32 hours no sleep.

Then 2 hours sleep.

Then 6 hours no sleep.

Getting really loony.

Update: I got about 10 hours sleep last night and woke up refreshed.

Anja Rubik by Camilla Akrans for Solitaire

Anja Rubik in Solitaire #74

Anja Rubik in Solitaire #74

Andy Tan Photography

Beautiful fashion photography by Andy Tan, some NSFW

Beautiful fashion photography by Andy Tan, some NSFW

(via cyanatrendland)

Zonked Out

I’ve been up since 9AM on Sunday. I managed to sleep from 2:30PM till 5PM. I had an important exam this morning. It went well, but it’s left be a bit knackered.

I plan on staying up another half hour to complete my work and then hit the sack. Tomorrow I can sleep in, but I’ve got another exam on Thursday. I’ve cleared my schedule on Thursday, so I should be able to study hard for that exam as well. I’ve been using Red Bull on this end of semester and I have to say that it works well when used in moderation.

My exam went pretty well. Otherwise than obsessing on the Li-Yorke Theorem, I’m sure that I did pretty well, a lot better than the last exam. Li-Yorke is really useful for demonstrating that a function is chaotic. All that you need to find is a 3-periodic point. Once you have that, it implies that f is chaotic. It’s a lot easier than showing that all periodic points are dense, transitive and that f is sensitive to initial conditions.

Li-Yorke Theorem

After my exam, I kept repeating:

Period three equals chaos.

over and over again in my head. I couldn’t stop.

The Li-Yorke Theorem is a special case of the Sharkovskii Theorem.

Survivor Tocantins It’s Funny When People Cry S18E10 (CBS)

Sierra thinks that she will be the next one to go. She is crying a bit. Erinn also looks on the verge of tears. It’s right after tribal council. Sierra wants to talk with Coach.

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