South Pacific BBC Two

Image from BBC Twos South Pacific
Image from BBC Two's South Pacific

I watched South Pacific on BBC Two HD on the weekend. I usually stay away from nature shows, but when I saw some of the footage of this show on YouTube, I had to try it out. The show starts out impressively, but looses some of its allure when it moves on. At the end of the show, you get a bit of a behind the scenes look at how they captured the 12′ barrel waves off the coast of Pompei.

Apparently, this is the first time that these types of waves were filmed with a super slo-mo HD underwater camera. It’s slow enough so that you can see the many vortices that form when a wave comes barreling down. It’s really neat to see.

The shots from Macquarie Island were also pretty amazing. There were hundreds of thousands of royal penguins, with a few specks of elephant seals to see. The low points were the shots of insects. I didn’t really care about those. I was interested in the giant robber crabs, but they spent too much time on them. The culture of the tribes that populate the islands weren’t that interesting because this is something that has been documented a lot of times before. The show could have gone without it.

Still, the wave shots are unparalleled and worth the watch.

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