Lost The Incident S05E16-17 (ABC)

Lost is a United States serial drama television series that follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island, after a passenger jet flying between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, United States crashes somewhere in the South Pacific. Each episode typically features a primary storyline on the island as well as a secondary storyline from another point in a character’s life. The show was created by Damon Lindelof, J. J. Abrams and Jeffrey Lieber, and is filmed primarily on location in Oahu, Hawaii. The pilot episode was first broadcast on September 22, 2004. Since then, three seasons have aired. The show is produced by ABC Studios, Bad Robot Productions and Grass Skirt Productions and airs on the ABC Network in the United States. Its incidental music is composed by Michael Giacchino. The current executive producers are Abrams, Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Jack Bender and Carlton Cuse. Because of its large ensemble cast and the cost of filming in Hawaii, the series is one of the most expensive on television.

From the Lost Wikipedia entry.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

For the first time, we see Jacob. Jacob has been on the Island for a long time. His story doesn’t start in the 1800s, but that’s when we see him first, talking with his nemesis, who wants desperately to kill him. He can’t and wants to find a loophole. The Black Rock people arrive on the Island and the nemesis doesn’t like them.

Jacob meets all of the Oceanic Six and touches them at some point in their lives. Just like Richard, he doesn’t age. Richard reveals that he is the way he is because of Jacob.

Ilana and her brethren try to find Jacob’s cabin. They see that someone else has been using it. Jacob’s nemesis. They burn it down and head to the foot of the statue. Ilana asks Richard what lies in the shadow of the statue. Richard answers the one who watches over us all. She shows him the content of the crate.

It turns out that they had John Locke’s body in there. This means that the Locke who has been prancing around the Island isn’t the real Locke, but Jacob’s nemesis. That’s why False-Locke wants to kill Jacob. I just wonder why the Monster wanted Jacob dead. He told Ben to obey False-Locke, no matter what he asked for. Which is why Ben tried to kill Jacob. In the end, Jacob recognized False-Locke and told him that he had finally found his loophole to be able to kill him. Still, False-Locke couldn’t kill Jacob with his own hands. He needed Ben to do the deed.

In the end, Juliet was able to make the atom bomb explode. This probably killed Jack, Hurley, Miles, Jin, Kate, and Sawyer. This means that she was successful in rebooting the Island through the Incident. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

I still wonder if the nemesis took Christian Sheppard’s form. There was a time when False-Locke and Christian were talking together at the Barracks. Could this mean that Claire took his form? Still, this puts some doubt in my mind that the nemesis took the form of Christian. Then this leaves Christian’s origin doubtful. Could he be a manifestation of the Smoke Monster? We have to remember that Christian came to be in the same manner as Locke. He was dead and his body was transported to the Island. This leaves no doubt that the nemesis took Christian’s visage and used it to further his goals. Does this mean that False-Locke was actually Claire?

* * * * *

In the past few episodes, Faraday was trying to stop the Incident from happening by detonating an H-bomb. Jack and the Others want to make this happen.

A man is spinning some yarn and making a tapestry. He’s in a cave. He goes out to eat some fish. Another man joins him. They see a trireme ship in the distance. This takes place hundreds of years ago. They are on the Island. He tells the light-haired man that he brought them here. Grey hair says that they come with war, and try to corrupt them. It’s a waste. The grey haired one wants to kill the light-haired one. The light-haired one is Jacob. Grey hair can’t kill Jacob because of the laws. He says that he’ll find a loophole and kill him. They are in the shadow of a gigantic Egyptian statue of Sobek, the god of the crocodiles. He’s holding an ankh in each hand and watches into the distance. I still don’t understand why the statue only has four toes.

In the US, two kids hatch a plan. The little girl wants to steal a lunchbox. They get caught by the old man. It’s a New Kids on the Block lunchbox. The girl was Kate. A man comes up and says that he will pay for it. It’s Jacob.

A boy watches as someone is taken away in a casket. Jacob gives the boy a pen. It’s James. Jacob says that he is sorry about his mother and father. James is writing a letter to Mr. Sawyer. He just buried his mother and father.

Sayid is walking with Nadia. Jacob comes up and asks directions. Nadia walks onward and gets driven over by a car. He just saved Sayid from getting driven.

Ilana is in a hospital. Her face is all bandaged up. Jacob comes to see her. She knows him. He says that he needs her help. She agrees to help him.

Jacob is reading Everything that Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor. He’s sitting on a bench. Someone behind him plunges to his death. It was John Locke. He touches Locke and brings him back to life.

Jack is operating and makes a mistake. His dad is trying to calm him down. Christian says that the girl was saved. Jack is angry with Christian for disrespecting him in the operating theatre. Jacob was there and hands Jack the candy bar he wanted but didn’t get.

Juliet is young. Her parents are getting a divorce. She can’t accept this.

Hugo is getting out of jail. He has been cleared of the charges. He gets into a cab that he shares with Jacob. Jacob says that he was waiting for Hugo. He wants to know why Hugo won’t go back to the Island. Hugo says that he’s cursed. He tells him that he is blessed and he isn’t crazy. Jacob gives him the Ajira Airways flight info. It’s Hugo’s choice. He leaves Hugo with the guitar.

In the 70s, Kate is still cuffed in the sub. Kate says that she came back to get Sawyer. Sawyer doesn’t want to help Kate with the H-bomb. He was happy with Juliet before they arrived. Sawyer has made up his mind. He wants to leave. Juliet decides otherwise. She takes out a guard and takes a gun. They are heading back to the Island. They make the captain surface so that they can get off the sub.

They get off the sub and row to the Island. They hear Vincent running towards them. They see Rose and Bernard coming towards them. They aren’t happy that they found them. They have been living in the jungle by themselves for 3 years. Rose says that they are retired. They didn’t want to join the DI.

Faraday left detailed instructions on how to extract the plutonium core. They won’t have to move the 20,000lbs bomb. Once the core is removed, they’ll have 2 hours to bring it to the Swan site. Richard asks Jack about Locke. He tells Richard not to give up on Locke, even though Richard doesn’t think that Locke is special. They move onward in the tunnels. Richard opens a door with a mallet. It leads into a Dharma Initiative house. Ellie wanted to go first. Richard doesn’t let her and knocks her out. Ellie ordered Richard to help them and he did so. From now on, they are on their own. They hear the DI people being evacuated. They decide to hide in plain sight by using DI jumpsuits. Ben’s dad shoots Sayid in the gut. He recognized him. Jack has to open fire. They are in a firefight. Jin, Hurley and Miles arrive in a van. They make it away. Jack can’t stop the bleeding. They come across Sawyer, Juliet and Kate with guns. They stop the van.

Sawyer wants a word with Jack. He tells Jack that his dad killed his mom and then blew his brains out. This happened a year ago. He could have stopped this, made sure that no one died in his family. What is done is done. Sawyer wants to know why Jack is willing to blow up everything just to get a second chance. Jack says that he had her and lost her. It’s about Kate. Jack says that it’s too late now. When it’s apparent that jack won’t change his mind, Sawyer knocks him on the face. They start to fight. Even when he’s beaten down, Jack won’t stop. Juliet stops Sawyer. She says that they need to do this. Juliet says that she changed her mind. She says that she changed her mind when he saw how James looked at Kate. What they had was for a short time. It wasn’t meant to last. If she never meets James, she will never have to lose him.

At the Swan site, Radzinsky wants the drilling to continue. Chang has shut it down. Radzinsky starts it up again. He came here to change the world. They are still drilling. Phil tells Radzinsky that the hostiles are heading towards the Swan with a bomb. Jack is already there. She tells him that she was so angry with Jack for taking her back here. Jack is convinced about what they are going to do is the right thing. They hear alarms going off. Radzinsky wants to keep going. He wants Kate’s support. She says yes.

Jack comes back to the van. Sayid says that the bomb is prepped. The bomb will explode on impact. He has to get as close as possible to the site. Once Jack has left, Miles mentions to the others that Jack will actually cause the Incident that they are trying to stop. They hear a jeep in the distance. It’s Phil and he’s heading to the Swan. Juliet says “live together and die alone”. Chang keeps telling Radzinsky that they need to keep people away. Phil arrived with reinforcements. Phil spots Jack. The shooting starts. The van arrives. They start shooting as well. Sawyer gets the beat on Phil and Radzinsky. Chang pulls a gun on Radzinsky. Jack is free to go ahead with his plan. Jack is about to drop the bomb. They all close their eyes expecting a big boom, but nothing happens. It’s a bit anticlimactic. Then something happens to the drill. There is a lot of magnetic interference. The drill is pulled into the hole. We can hear the same sounds as before. The kind of rolling and rumbling. Miles tries to save his dad. He tells him to leave. Radzinsky is trying to drive away, but he can’t. Phil is killed. Juliet is about to be swallowed by the anomaly. Sawyer just manages to get her hand. Juliet lets go of his hand when it’s obvious that she can’t get out. She drops down the shaft after she tells him that she loves him.

Jack and Kate drag Sawyer off the drill rig. It goes crashing down the shaft. At the bottom, Juliet isn’t dead yet. She sees the bomb. She drags herself to it. She starts banging the bomb and it explodes.

Ben says that Jacob is in charge of the Island. Ben has never met him. Richard was told by Ben that he strangled Locke. He wonders why Locke is still alive. He’s never seen someone came back to life. Richard says that he’s the way he is because of Jacob. Once they have dealt with Jacob, they will have to deal with the rest of the Ajira passengers. Locke asks Ben why he didn’t tell Richard that Locke’s plan to murder Jacob. Ben says that his dead daughter told him to whatever John wanted. He tells Ben that he is going to kill Jacob.

They arrive at the beach. It’s the old Losties camp. He has them rest up here. Locke asks Ben what happened that day when he brought Locke to the cabin. Ben was pretending. Locke tells Ben that he’s got a cancer. He did all of this for a man he never met. He watched his daughter being gunned down in front of him. Sun finds a ring with the logo DS. It reminds her of her marriage with Jin. They were exchanging wedding vows. Jacob was there giving them his best. He speaks excellent Korean.

They move onward. Richard is leading them. They arrive at the foot of the statue of Anubis. All that’s left is a foot and a pedestal. Richard says that Jacob lives there. When night falls, Ben, Richard and Locke head into the caverns. Richard says that only Locke can come. Only the leader of the Others can request an audience with Jacob. Locke insists that Ben is coming as well. Richard opens a hidden door. He tells John to tell Jacob hello. Locke hands Ben a knife and assures him that things will change once Jacob is gone.

Meanwhile, the strange faction arrives on an island. Ilana has her create. They brought Frank. Ilana thinks that Frank might be a candidate. She shows the contents of the crate to Frank. They want to show it to somebody. They arrive at the cabin. Jacob’s cabin. They find some ash. Ilana tells them to wait here and crosses the line of ash towards the cabin. The cabin is empty. She finds a map. She says that he hasn’t been here in a long time. Someone else has been using it. Ilana has it burned. The map isn’t a map, but a piece of the tapestry that Jacob was making in the beginning of the episode. It shows them the statue of Anubis. They all know where they have to go now.

Sun is waiting with Richard. They see Ilana’s group arrive with the crate. She asks for Ricardos. Richard approaches. She asks him what lies in the shadow of the statue. He answers Ille qui nos omnes servabit, which is latin for, “He who will watch over us all.” She says that her name is Ilana. She wants them to open the crate. It contains Locke’s dead body. Then who is with Ben?

Fake-Locke and Ben arrive at the center chamber. Jacob is there. Ben was admiring a tapestry that Jacob made himself. Jacob says that he found his loophole. Fake-Locke says that Jacob has no idea what he has gone through to come here. Jacob tells Ben that he’s got a choice. He can also leave. Ben is harbouring a lot of resentment. Jacob ignored him for 35 years. Ben stabs Jacob twice. Jacob’s last words are that they are coming. Fake-Locke pushes Jacob into the fire. He’s burning.

* * * * *

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