Survivor The Martyr Approach S18E13 (CBS)

Coach was a bit clueless when Debbie left. He is told by JT, Taj and Stephen that they outmanoeuvred Debbie to save him. The next day he is pretty ecstatic to still be in the game. He thinks that JT and Stephen are running the game. He doesn’t want to go to Exile. He says that he’s got asthma and back problems. Stephen thinks that he is scared. He wants to send Coach to Exile.

It’s time for the next reward challenge. They will race through a maze, build a pole long enough to build a sandbag. They knock down a target to raise their flag. The winner will be taken on an overnight reward with a bed, shower, and a feast. One person will be sent to Exile. Also, their feet will be tied.

Everyone is following JT. Coach smartly follows JT all the way through. Erinn does the same thing. JT and Coach are the 1st ones through. They start assembling the pole. JT has his sandbag and knocks down his first target. JT is two bags in front of Coach. He easily wins reward. No one else was close. JT sends Coach to Exile. Coach says that he will take the monastic approach, not making any fire or eating. Erinn says that he is taking the martyr approach. He is making his Exile Island experience the worst so that he can blame it that if he doesn’t win the immunity challenge. JT takes Stephen to reward. JT says that Erinn shot herself in the foot with her comments.

Erinn and Taj are happy that Coach is at Exile. Erinn is worried about her comments about Coach. Taj tells her not to worry, but JT doesn’t think much of Erinn.

Coach arrives at Exile. He’s got a high opinion of himself. Coach starts talking about himself in the 3rd person and makes himself a cane. The boys took a small private plane to the Governor’s Retreat. Both Stephen and JT look at themselves in the bathroom mirror. They are both surprised at what they look like. JT takes a hot shower. Stephen does the same thing. They have an authentic Brazilian BBQ. They gorge on meat. JT tells Stephen that Erinn did a dumb move. Stephen agrees. Erinn can’t control what she says.

Coach didn’t eat, sleep or drink.

Ir’s time for the next Immunity Challenge. Taj thinks that Coach is a drama queen. Today’s task is an endurance task. They have to brace themselves on two walls on smaller and smaller pegs. Last person standing wins immunity. After half an hour, everyone is still in it. Erinn is the first one out. Stephen is the next one out. Taj is the next one out. It’s between Coach and JT. They start talking a bit, but soldier on. Coach starts losing it after 50 minutes. He drops down. JT wins individual immunity. Coach thinks that he felt something slip in his back. Erinn doesn’t understand what Coach is doing. He was just faking it. He arrived at the challenge hobbling and managed to stay up at least an hour. Back at camp, he’s walking around fine and dandy.

JT tells Coach that Erinn is the next one to go as planned. Stephen talks with them as well. JT will vote for Erinn. Stephen doesn’t know which way he will vote.

It’s time for Tribal. Jeff wants to talk about Coach’s Exile trek. She thinks that Coach was ridiculous. Coach spouts some nonsense. Coach is evicted by a vote of 3-2.

* * * * *

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