Survivor Tocantins The Ultimate Sacrifice S18E12 (CBS)

Coach is pissed at Erinn and Taj for writing Stephen and Debbie’s name down. They need to be voted off. He is pissed. She tells him to chill. Debbie thinks that he is taking things too seriously. He never lets things go. Debbie doesn’t want to be attached to Coach anymore. He’s a downer.

The next day, Debbie helps out at camp. Debbie talks with JT and Taj about changing her vote. JT and Stephen are wary of her. She comes up to them and wants to join their alliance. It makes them worry about her. She might be the next to go.

It’s time for the next challenge. It’s the Survivor Auction. It starts with a bowl of French fries. Debbie pays $120 for it. Next up is chicken parmesan. Coach gets it for $320. The next item is covered. JT gets it for $120. It’s a plate of nachos. The next item remains also covered. Stephen gets it for $100. It’s chicken hearts. The last item is a message from home. Only one person can buy it. For this item, they can pool money. JT immediately gives his money to Taj. Debbie and Erinn do so as well. Taj listens to her message and then is told that her family is waiting for her at camp. If Taj sends herself to Exil with Eddie, everyone will get to see a loved one. She does so. Eddie George says that his wife is dirty, but still looks good.

The others go back to camp and find their loved ones waiting. Stephen’s brother is there. JT’s sister Adrianna is there. Erinn’s father is there. Coach’s loved one is his assistant coach. They have a bromance going on. The assistant coach stretches Coach out. It’s weirdly sexual. They all leave.

Debbie talks with JT. She wants to get rid of Coach. Coach tells JT that they need to get rid of Taj. Debbie talks strategy with Erinn, Stephen and JT. After Erinn has left, she tells Stephen and JT that they need to get rid of Erinn and Taj. Stephen doesn’t trust her much.

Stephen and JT talk with Erinn about Debbie. They don’t believe her promises. She’s showing them that she’s ready to do whatever she wants. They decide on getting rid of her instead.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will make their way through a series of obstacles. They will memorize a sequence of math symbols and race back to their board. They will have to put them in sequence to get the right answer. The first obstacle is a beam underneath which they have to dig. JT is well in advance. He has to memorize the symbols and runs back.

Debbie is next out followed by Coach. Taj comes through with Stephen. JT has to go back to remember some more symbols. Stephen keeps falling off the beam. Erinn is finally through. Debbie heads back to the symbols. JT starts working on the equation. It’s between JT and Stephen. Stephen got it with only one look at the symbols. He wins immunity. He had a system. He assigned a number to each symbol and remembered the number.

Taj, Stephen and JT talk about Debbie. Coach needs to be reassured a lot. JT and Stephen discuss and decide to get rid of Debbie. It’s time for tribal council. Jeff asks Coach about his alliances. He says that he trusts her implicitly. Debbie says that the way that Coach plays the game is dangerous. Debbie is evicted by a 4-1-1 vote against Coach and Taj.

* * * * *

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