Survivor Tocantins They Both Went Bananas S18E11 (CBS)

Stephen didn’t tell Debbie or Coach that Tyson was going to go. Stephen and JT notice that Debbie and Coach aren’t angry at all. They appreciate not being told. Stephen and JT tell Deb that Sierra and Erinn are going next. Privately, she tells Coach that she is still angry that Tyson is gone. Sierra wants to rally all of the old Timbira in order to wrest control away from the old Jalapao.

It’s time for the next challenge. They have to answer questions. Then, Jeff asks them about the consensus of the group. Each right answer gets a chop to another tribe member. The winner will go to natural spring. Sierra is the 1st one out. Each tribe member has 3 ropes. Coach is the 2nd one out followed by Debbie. Erinn is out. JT is out. Stephen wins reward. It turns out that everyone trusts JT. Stephen sends Erinn to Exile. Stephen takes Taj and JT to reward. Stephen sent Erinn so that they can keep the wraps on any new immunity idol.

Stephen, Taj and JT arrive at a Brazilian farm. They are fed. After, they are brought to the fervador, a local natural spring. It’s a pool of water in which sand is being pushed up and it doesn’t really have a bottom. They decide to get rid of Sierra, but Stephen says that Debbie is a serious threat.

Erinn is by herself at Exile. She doesn’t get the fire started before the downpour. She had no food either. At Forza, the old Timbira talk strategy. They want to get Erinn with them. Sierra says that she isn’t sure that she will vote with them. She is standing on her own. Debbie doesn’t want to hear Sierra’s take on strategy. Debbie loses it.

Coach has a word with JT, who tells him that Sierra is going to go next. Meanwhile, Sierra tells Stephen that Coach and Debbie tried to get her vote. This scares Stephen. He talks with Coach, who blames Sierra and Debbie for trying to get rid of the new alliance. Sierra blames Debbie and Coach and vice versa. This makes Stephen not trust any of them. He talks with JT.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Stephen gives Erinn a sweater to keep her warm. She profusely thanks him. The challenge involves tossing a grappling hook to retrieve bags. For the final round, they must navigate a ball through a ball maze. JT and Coach get their final bags. They move to the next round. Everyone else is even. Debbie gets her 2nd bag. She beats Stephen and is the 3rd in the final challenge. JT plays catch-up to Coach, but loses in the end. Coach wins immunity.

Back at tribal, the only thing that Sierra has left is to confront Coach to reveal the lies. They make Debbie cry again. Debbie and Coach are confronted with their lies. Stephen and JT talk. They discover that Sierra was telling the truth. They want to take out Debbie. However, JT thinks that sending Sierra home is the easier option. She makes life at camp harder.

It’s time for tribal. Sierra makes her point once again during tribal. Coach spouts some biblical nonsense. Taj enjoys the soap opera of this whole charade. Sierra is evicted by a 4-2-1 vote. (Debbie/Stephen)

* * * * *

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