The Amazing Race Having a Babys Gotta Be Easier Than This S14E10 (CBS)

Last time, things got ugly between Jen and Luke. Kisha’s nervous laughter drove Margie over the edge. She exploded. Mark and Michael were eliminated. Teams must fly to Beijing. They must make their way to a foot massage spa. Tammy/Victor have been to China a few times before in their life. They were here last for the summer Olympic games. Kisha/Jen want to move on. They don’t want to dwell on that conflict. The same is true for Margie/Luke. Kisha/Jen are stuck in traffic.

Margie/Luke arrive 1st at the airport. They get on the same flight as Tammy/Victor. Kisha/Jen arrive after them. Kisha/Jen make fun of the airline people because they don’t understand English. Or they pretend they don’t. Tammy/Victor arrive and try to get better seats. They also want to have Kisha/Jen seated in the back. Tammy tries to do the same with the other teams. They want them all seated in the back.

Margie/Luke tell the other teams that Kisha/Jen laughed at Luke. Jaime/Cara are appalled. Kisha/Jen weren’t there. Tammy/Victor deplaned quickly. Luke kind of bumped Kisha/Jen to get the 1st cab. Jaime/Cara are bringing up the rear. They pass Kisha/Jen. They also pass Margie/Luke.

Tammy doesn’t like feet and makes cute disgusted faces when Victor and her talk about the foot massage parlour. Tammy/Victor get lost so Jaime/Cara find the clue first. They face a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one person must get a foot massage. The massage is 10 minutes long and painful. If the pain is too intense, they must restart it later. Cara does the massage. Kisha/Jen arrive 2nd. Kisha insists on doing the massage. Cara is hurting. Cara starts to cry. Tammy/Victor arrive. Tammy does the massage. Margie/Luke arrive. Luke does it. Cara finishes and they must make their way to an auditorium to find their next clue. Kisha/Jen leave as well. Tammy and Luke hold hands. Tammy also finishes. All the teams have trouble finding a taxi. None of the taxis know where the auditorium is. Luke finishes. Kisha/Jen leave. Jaime and Tammy fight over a taxi, after Tammy told the driver where to go in Mandarin. Jen is nervous because she knows that one of the tasks will involve swimming. Tammy told the other taxi to go to the wrong door. I don’t know if this was on purpose or by mistake.

In this Detour, teams face Sink or Swim. In Sink, teams must master synchronized diving off the 3m diving board. In Swim, teams must change into the Speedo Laser Suit and swim eight lengths of the pool. This is the same suit that Michael Phelps wore to win all of the medals in the last Olympic games.

Tammy didn’t know how to swim. She took classes before the race. Kisha/Jen do Sink as well. Jen looks really scared. Jaime/Cara do Swim. After three unsuccessful jumps, Tammy and Victor look rattled. Margie/Luke do Swim as well. Kisha/Jen try a jump. Jen says that she can’t do this. Jaime/Cara are the 1st ones to start the swimming task. Tammy/Victor get a 4. They need 5 in order to complete the task. Kisha has trouble. The swimming task is pretty hard. All of the teams look exhausted, especially Kisha/Jen. Jaime/Cara finish 1st. They must go to Drum Tower, the pit stop for this leg of the race. Jen is wearing a lifevest. Jen/Kisha switch to the other task. Margie/Luke also finish and head to the pit stop. Tammy/Luke are still diving. Jen is chickening out of the jump. Tammy/Victor switch to the other task after not being able to nail the jumps. Jen starts to cry. Tammy/Victor complete their task. They leave for the pit stop. Kisha/Jen start doing the swim again. Victor is all cramped up from the swim.

Jaime/Cara finish 1st. They are still racing and get their next clue.

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