The Amazing Race No More Mr. Nice Guy S14E11 (CBS)

The teams have to head to an eastern gate in the city. Margie/Luke arrive 2nd and leave. Teams must now search for a Roaming Gnome. They need to keep the Gnome until the pit stop. Kisha/Jen aren’t eliminated yet. Margie/Luke find theirs first. They must ride an electric bike near the Forbidden City, across Tiananmen Square to a metro station. Tammy/Victor are in 1st. Margie/Luke are 2nd. Jaime/Cara get another incompetent taxi driver. Jaime starts to freak out.

Tammy/Victor figure out that they are on electric bikes. Jaime/Cara are in last place. They come across the raising of the flag. They face a Detour. They have to choose between Beijing Opera or Chinese Waiter. In Beijing Opera, they must be made up in full costume in an opera house. In Chinese Waiter, they will receive orders in Mandarin from customers. They must recite the orders to the chefs. Kisha/Jen pass Margie/Luke. They are 2nd. They decide to do the opera task. Kisha wants to be the princess. That’s ridiculous. She’s a total tomboy. Margie/Luke do the opera.

Tammy/Victor arrive at the restaurant. Tammy/Victor’s Mandarin isn’t that good. They get some wrong and have to ask again. Margie/Luke arrive at the opera. Luke is bad with make up. Margie keeps complaining and looking in the mirror. Tammy/Victor finish the Detour.

He made me look like Alice Cooper.

Tammy/Victor make their way to the next clue. There is a U-Turn there. This U-Turn isn’t blind. Kisha/Jen finish the Detour. Tammy/Victor U-Turn Jen/Kisha. Teams make their way to a street market near the eastern gate. Kisha/Jen run around madly trying to find the clue.

Jaime/Cara arrive at the National Opera House. It’s not the right place. Margie/Luke head to the next clue. The teams face a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, teams must eat a plate of grasshoppers, scorpions, starfish and other fried creepy crawlies. Victor is the chosen one. Victor is a trooper. He eats it quickly. Tammy makes a bunch of cute faces when he describes how the larva tasted. Margie/Luke don’t find the U-Turn station either.

Jaime/Cara have trouble finding a taxi. Margie/Luke enlist the help of a local who leads them astray. Jaime/Cara arrive at the opera. Victor finishes. They leave for the next pit stop, the Bird’s Nest. Jaime/Cara finish the task. They also run past the U-Turn station. Margie/Luke and Jaime/Cara meet up. The local tells Margie that it’s inside the opera house. They finally find it. Margei/Luke head to the Roadblock.

Tammy/Victor finish 1st. They win a trip for 2 to the Galapagos Islands. For some reason, Jaime/Cara meet up with Kisha/Jen. Kisha/Jen go back to the opera house. Margie eats creepy crawlies. Jen/Kisha discover that they were U-Turned by Tammy/Victor. They have to do the other task. They are both terrible with languages. They say the craziest things to the cook.

Jaime is being very stubborn. They have been told a few times where to go, but she insists that they have already been there. Jaime/Cara have been looking for it for 3 hours. Kisha/Jen leave for the Roadblock.

Jaime finally says to go back to the opera house. Jen decides to eat the critters. Jaime/Cara find the U-Turn station. Jaime is being a bitch and blames Cara for not going back to the opera house sooner.

Margie/Luke finish 2nd. Jaime/Cara arrive at the Roadblock. Cara does the eating. Jaime notices that Jen is eating very slowly. Jen even pukes it all up. Jaime shoves it down. Kisha/Jen finish before the girls. They don’t find a taxi. Jaime/Cara finish, but Kisha/Jen are already on their way. Their taxi is really fast. Jen uses a portable toilet. Jaime/Cara make a run for it. Jen is still in the toilet. Both teams are looking for Phil. Jaime/Cara finish 3rd.

Jen/Kisha are eliminated. They lost by seconds. They lost because Jen went to the bathroom. That’s what Phil told them.

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