The Amazing Race Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death S14E09 (CBS)

Mark/Mike got a heavy penalty for cheating once again. They weren’t eliminated, but will face a Speedbump in this leg of the race. Teams are leaving for Guilin, China.

Luke/Margie are on the 1st flight out. It looks like all of the teams will connect from Guangzhou to Guilin on the same flight. That’s not true. Kisha/Jen are on a later connecting flight. Margie thinks that the other teams will catch up.

Margie/Luke, Victor/Tammy, Cara/Jaime’s flight has been delayed. Since Kisha/Jen weren’t on the same flight, they make it to Guilin first. Tammy/Victor speak Mandarin, so they have an advantage. Tammy/Victor arrive right after Jen/Kisha. Strangely enough, Jaime/Cara arrive first. Teams must go to the #24 bridge. Tammy/Victor arrive. Jaime/Cara follow Tammy/Victor to the bridge.

Margie is surprised at how competitive Luke is during the race. Luke was first to the cluebox and Jen tried to get to it as well. Luke protected his spot and Jen called him a bitch. Luke didn’t hear, but Margie told it to him later.

The teams face a Roadblock. They will have to fish the old fashioned way. With the help of a local, they will train a cormorant to fish for them. Tammy does it.

At the next cluebox, Jen and Luke get into it again. This time Jen goes on the offensive.

Mark/Mike have to wash and dry hair at the hair salon for their Speedbump.

Luke gets bitten on the hand by one of the birds. Kisha/Jen finish 1st. They must race to the Ancient South Gate. Jaime/Cara are 2nd. Luke/Margie finish 3rd. Tammy’s birds fly away. Mark/Mike finish the Speedbump. Tammy/Victor are able to pass them. Victor tells the drivers to drive slower for the foreigners.

Kisha/Jen arrive 1st. They face a Detour. In Choreography, they must do a group dance. In Calligraphy, teams must try their hand at Chinese Calligraphy. Kisha/Jen do Calligraphy. Jaime/Cara do Choreography.

I have the worst handwriting on earth. In college, I couldn’t even read my own notes.

Margie/Luke and Tammy/Victor do Calligraphy. Mark/Mike arrive at the bridge. Jaime/Cara have some fun learning the moves. They think that they are great dancers, but the others dancers laugh at their awkwardness. Tammy/Victor pass the others. The others keep following them.

We are foreign born Chinese from America. If we don’t win, our parents will cry themselves to death.

Jaime/Cara have tried twice and can’t get the dance down. No one can speak English to tell them what they have done wrong so they leave for the other detour. They decide to try one more time before leaving.

Teams must make their way to Banyan Lake to the next pit stop. Tammy/Victor leave 1st. Margie/Luke are 2nd. Kisha/Jen are 3rd. They are in a footrace. Kisha/Jen finish 1st. Tammy/Victor are 2nd. Margie/Luke finish 3rd. Kisha/Jen win a trip to Barbados. Luke gets all worked up. They start talking to Phil about their physical altercations. Luke walks away and comes back. Kisha starts smirking and laughing at him. Margie gets into it as well.

Jaime/Cara finish 4th. Mark/Mike finish last and are eliminated.

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