The Amazing Race This is How You Lose a Million Dollars S14E12 (CBS)

Teams are starting out from Beijing at the Bird’s Nest. They are leaving for Maui, Hawaii. They have to find beach access 118. Margie/Luke start out two hours later. Cara/Jaime start out another three hours later. All teams are leaving on the same flight. One there, they will have to season a pig carcass. Then they will carry the pig to a traditional beach oven at a Luau. Margie/Luke are last. They become first. Tammy/Victor are 2nd. Cara/Jaime are behind.

Tammy has got problems, the same as Cara. Tammy/Victor manage to be 2nd. Cara drops to the ground. Jaime berates her. The pig weighs 145 lbs. Margie/Luke finish 1st. Teams must now make their way to a beach to McGreggor Point. They will take a boat to a buoy field. They must search among the buoys. For some reason, Tammy/Victor take out all of the palm fronds and finish 2nd. Jaime/Cara are last. Luke is really annoying Margie. Heck, I’m annoyed by his constant gogogo screams. Margie/Luke leave when they found the clue.

Margie/Luke must make their way to a surfboard fence. Jaime/Cara find the clue and leave. Tammy/Victor and leave as well. Teams face a Roadblock. One person has to remember everything that they’ve done on the race. They must search through vintage surfboards to find the ones with the right pictures. Then, they must make a surfboard fence. For some reason, Luke did the Roadblock. Margie says that Luke has been reviewing the race for this kind of task. Jaime/Cara are lost again. Tammy/Victor are stuck behind a slow car. Jaime freaks out as usual at their driver.

Luke is doing a great job. He’s got 4 left. He’s got 3 left when Victor arrives. Victor also takes his pants off. Luke chooses a wrong one for #10 and #11. Luke is missing the scorpions on skewers and the foot massage.

Jaime/Cara arrive. Jaime does the Roadblock. Luke keeps running back and forward. Victor is catching up, but he’s still only got 3 up while Luke has 9 correct. Luke is freaking out. Victor keeps working. Luke is missing one. He got the right foot massage but placed it on the wrong spot. He threw it back out. Victor has got two left. Now Luke keeps mixing them up. He’s also found the skewers, but he’s almost giving up. He finally places the foot massage at the right spot.

Cara is catching up. Victor has got only one left. Victor finishes the Roadblock and leaves. They are leaving for the finish line. Cara finishes thanks to Luke. She helps him figure out the last one. They leave. Margie/Luke leave last. Tammy/Victor have obviously won the race. Margie and Cara try to make their partners feel better for having lost the race.

Tammy/Victor run to the finish. They finish 1st and win a million dollars. Jaime/Cara finish 2nd. Margie/Luke finish 3rd.

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