Survivor I Trust You But I Trust Me More S18E14-15 (CBS)

The final four get back to camp. JT voted for Erinn, just like he promised Coach. He’s starting to get worried about jury votes. Stephen thinks that JT looks like a loyal ally, but Stephen ends up looking like a villain. Stephen starts to think about who he can beat in the end.

The next morning, Stephen and Taj talk strategy. He flaunts the idea of getting rid of JT. They get a clue about the next challenge, which involves spiders.

For today’s challenge, they will race through a tarantula shaped obstacle course to 3 different stations to retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces. After that, they will assemble a web-themed puzzle. The first person to complete the puzzle wins immunity. For some reason, Taj decides to follow JT. As usual, JT is in the lead. JT is going after bag number 2. He’s got it and heads back. No one else is back with their 1st bag. JT has one bag left. JT and Taj face off. JT goes over Taj without any problems. JT is back with his last bag. The others have just brought back their 2nd bag.

JT starts working on the puzzle. It’s supposed to be pretty hard. Stephen is back with his last bag. Taj and Erinn are back with their 3rd bags. JT is close to finishing. Erinn makes up a lot of ground. She was the last person to start working on her puzzle. Erinn has closed the gap. She is close to finishing the puzzle. JT wins immunity. The minute or two that he got during the obstacle course was enough for him to ensure the win.

Taj says that the plan is to vote Erinn out tonight. Erinn tries to talk with JT to get them to vote out Taj. Stephen and JT talk strategy. She told them that Taj played a very social game. Whatever happens, they want to go to the final two together. I wonder if Stephen realizes that JT will then go on to win Survivor.

It’s time for tribal. Erinn says that scrambling does not work. That’s what she learned. Taj is voted out by a 3-1 vote. JT and Stephen went against her. In the jury, we can see Debbie shaking her head.

Back at tribal, Erinn talks her head off. JT and Stephen don’t like her much.

Erinn thinks that the two boys will take her to the final because they don’t want to fight each other in the finals. The next day, they burn the effigies of the other tribemembers that were evicted.

It’s time for the final immunity challenge. Erinn has already stated that if she wins, she will take Stephen. The challenge involves putting balls down some kind of a metal scaffolding. The last person to have all three of the balls still in play will win the final immunity. They do this while one of their hands is tied behind their back. Erinn is the first one out. They place a 4th ball. JT looks the most assured. Stephen is out. JT wins.

Tonight at tribal, JT will decide between Erinn and Stephen. JT is thinking about his decision. Nothing is set in stone, even though he had a promise with Stephen. Stephen is happy that he doesn’t have to make this decision. JT talks with Erinn. She tells him that Stephen would have taken her.

JT talks with Stephen. From JT discourse to Stephen and the camera, it looks like he will be taking Erinn to the finals. This could be a disaster for him. Taj has already said that she would vote for Erinn if she manages to be in the finals. Stephen starts to freak out when he hears the way that JT is talking. Erinn is voted out. Stephen and JT hug before leaving. Coach and Debbie were happy to see this. Erinn was a little disappointed, but she knew it was coming.

The next day, Stephen tells JT that they will be friends for life. They receive a lot of food for their final breakfast. They talk about their first impressions of themselves and leave for the final tribal council. It’s time for opening statements. Stephen starts. He’s pretty eloquent. JT says that if he didn’t vote off the people he had, he did so to survive. Otherwise he would be sitting in the jury’s seat.

Brendan strikes at Stephen first. He says that there are no sports that value growth. Why should Stephen win Survivor if he didn’t win that much? Erinn also puts Stephen on the spot. Debbie wonders about the lies and deception JT used to get ahead in this game. Stephen is asked if he would have taken JT to the final two. He answers honestly that he would have wanted to take JT, but he thinks that he might have taken Erinn. Coach spouts a bunch of BS as usual. Sierra asks JT why he took one of the weakest players in the game to the finals. She thinks that Tyson, Debbie or Taj would have been more appropriate. When Taj asks her question, JT and Stephen start bickering. JT says that he feels like a fool for taking Stephen to the finals.

It’s time to vote.

Survivor Reunion S18E15

JT wins the title of Sole Survivor easily. It was a unanimous vote. This is only the second time this has happened. JT says that from the first day, Stephen worked the hardest. They are still very good friends today. Still no one believes Coach’s stories. Coach took an independent lie detector test to verify his story. It says that he told the truth.

The top three to win $100K are JT, Taj and Sierra. JT wins another $100K. JT wants to work with Stephen in the future.

Survivor is heading to Samoa.

* * * * *

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