Carlo Mollino’s Polaroids

Carlo Mollinos polaroids
Carlo Mollino's polaroids

Carlo Mollino (1905-1973) was a race car driver, designer, architect, engineer, and a photographic artist. NSFW

Polaroids of Katie West by Mark Velasquez

A few polaroids of Katie West by Marc Velasquez
A few NSFW polaroids of Katie West by Marc Velasquez

Then again, most of what Katie West does is NSFW, so there you go!

Kate Moss Nude NSFW

Kate Moss posing nude for Chuck Close. The photos will be auctioned off by Christies.
Kate Moss posing nude for Chuck Close. The photos will be auctioned off by Christie's.

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Big Brother UK S10E29 (Channel 4)

Last night, Angel became the 4th person to be evicted from the house. Some of the HM are in the kitchen. Some of the HM are having breakfast. Kris tells Charlie that nominations will be hard this week. They will have to vote for people they get alone with.

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Big Brother UK S10E28 (Channel 4)

Karly tells Sree that he has to be careful not to wash his hair. The black dye isn’t permanent and it will come out. Siavash tells Charlie, Marcus and Noirin that a year’s worth of profits from ice cream sales would save an African country. Marcus says that countries can’t sort other countries out if they can’t sort them out themselves.

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Big Brother UK S10E26-27 (Channel 4)

Marcus tells Rodrigo about what Angel did last night. She was going to steal one of Siavash’s photos. The other HM are in the bedroom.

She’s shit-faced two faced!
Lisa on Angel

Angel tells the HM that she spent time working on her eviction outfit. Dogface is called to the diary room. She says that the HM overheard that he thinks that they only voted for himself and Angel because they are more intelligent.

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How to Make a Glass Desk Mouse Friendly

062909_rg_windowtintdesk_01.jpgEver since Ikea made glass desks really affordable, they have been popping around everywhere. We bet that you know quite a few people who have glass desks. Do they like them much? One thing is for sure, if you are using a glass desk as you computer desk, you may hit a problem or two when you try activating your mouse. Modern optical mice work almost anywhere. It’s kind of strange to realize that they don’t work on glass.

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