Bronson Review

I saw Bronson last night. I didn’t think much of the movie initially, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was quite entertaining. Bronson tells the story and life of real life Welsh criminal Charles Bronson, who spent 30 of the last 34 years in solitary confinement in prison. The solitary confinement is due to the fact that he kept taking hostages and was extremely violent. He is still in jail.

Image via Twitchfilm
Image via Twitchfilm

The film is well made and is quite good. It’s narrated by Tom Hardy, the actor portraying Bronson, in an almost comic fashion. There are naturally some disturbing scenes, such as the time that Bronson spent in Broodmoor Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Instead of having to deal with the prisoner, they just placed him in a chemically induced prison. The film portrays Bronson as an extremely violent man, who killed just to get out of his seemingly despondent predicament. He killed in order to get out of the hospital.

His idiotic robberies seem to be a way of lashing out or a way to return to jail. Since 1974, he has spent 121 free outside of jail. He was 22 when he was first incarcerated.

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4 thoughts on “Bronson Review”

  1. Absolutely spot on review. The movie I thought missed out a few vital points about his life and the company he kept though. Sadly the Greek brothers he knew weren’t mentioned as they didn’t want to be associated with the movie, the Kray brothers weren’t mentioned to being in contact with him throughout his time in Prison.

    Other than those few minor details including his time in the circus, also it was the prison wing he took the art teacher hostage in, not a small art room like it shows, it’s a great movie. Does make him out to be a gentle giant though who only fights for a cause – not because he’s a mental lunatic!

    Great film, not quite a ‘Best Of British’, but a one to watch.

  2. Certain parts during this film are awesome, but their just wasn’t enough here for a whole film. Tom Hardy is amazing and very scary, but the rest of this film just didn’t seem to jell out well at all. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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