Supernatural Season 2 Quick Recap

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While I started watching season 4 of Supernatural, I also watched, in parallel, seasons 2 and 3 which I had never seen. I stopped watching this show after the 1st season because I felt it was too repetitive. A friend told me to try watching it again, because the 2nd and 3rd seasons were pretty darn good. The current season is pretty amazing as well.

With all of the Winchesters involved in a terrible accident, and Dean completely out of it, John Winchester sells his soul plus the Colt to Azazel to get Dean out of his coma. Dean is also told by his father that he needs to take care of Sam. Something is inside of him and he might need to kill him if things go really bad.

They make enemies with another hunter named Gordon, who’s black and white world doesn’t rhyme too well with theirs.

They also discover more about Sam and others like him. They meet Ava and others with psychic abilities. Sam tries to convince them to join forces, but it always ends up badly.

At the end of the season, Azazel kidnaps all of his special children for an all-out fight in a town. The Roadhouse was burned to the ground when Dean came to investigate after Ash called him with some details about their fates. The winner of the fight will lead the legions of hell on earth. Jake is the winner of the contest and he is given the Colt to open a demon gate, which is situated in a special location. Jake kills Sam. Dean sells his soul to the Crossroads demon to get Sam back. He’s got a year left on this earth before hellhounds will come to tear him apart and drag his ass to hell.

Samuel Colt built a gigantic pentagram to keep demons out of this one place. The pentagram’s lines were made by iron railway lines. Demons can’t cross them, but Jake can. He arrives at the location, in the dead center of it, and uses the Colt to open a demon gate. Hundreds of demons escape from Hell, including some lost souls. After Sam kills Jake, we see John Winchester help the boys to kill Azazel. John then winks out of existence, like a soul leaving for Heaven.

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