Big Brother UK S10E02 (Channel 4)

This episode is kind of a digest of the BBUK 10 launch. Freddie tells Sophie that her boobs are huge. She says that she wanted to get bigger ones. Thanks to my wife, I’ve seen before and after pics. I like natural tits, but hers must have been drooping, which is why she got newer bigger ones. Noirin asks Cairon if he’s done something like this before. He says no. Crazy Angel makes a big deal about herself.

At 10:10, a bunch of people have entered the house. A few more NHM are left. Rodrigo comes in. He gives the girls some large hugs.

Karly thinks that Charlie is straight. Sophie says that he’s gay.

Later, Rodrigo and Noirin have mustaches and eyeglasses drawn on their faces. They are the only HM. The rest of the people are NHM. They have to earn their HM status. The garden is opened up. BB wants a NHM to read the letter. Charlie obliges. The NHM have to put on a uniform. The NHM can’t enter the bedroom. Everyone is changing. Sophie doesn’t like the pants that they have to wear.

12:11AM, some of the NHM are in the living room. Marcus is reading the rules and talking with Sree about fake romances. The rest of the NHM are being put through some exercises by Angel. HM Noirin and Rodrigo are in the bedroom. They are drinking champagne and eating canapés. Rodrigo feels bad. Noirin tells him that he deserves this.

Sree tells Saffia that she looks like an 18-19 year old girl. She’s 27. She thinks that he fancies her and makes a joke. Sree is almost offended. She tells him that she’s got 2 children.

Later, all of the NHM and HM are in the living room. HM have their suitcases and clothes. NHM have to wear uniforms. They have been playing games for 15 minutes. The phone rings and Siavash launches himself to answer it. Lisa gets to it first. She is told that she is a HM now. She has 15 minutes to choose a NHM to become a HM.

BB asks everyone to sit down. He asks Lisa to stand up and inform the group about her decision. She has chosen Kris. Lisa and Kris are called to the diary room. Lisa says that they liked each other because they are both womanizers. Later, the NHM and HM are introducing themselves to the group. Freddie says that he’s bisexual. He says that he prefers ladies, but once he has a few drinks, all bets are off. He repeats this a few times.

Marcus has been talking about himself for 4 minutes. Sophia tells the group that she blew up after being on steroids. Her sister died from the same disease three years ago.

NHM have to sleep on the floor with a blanket and a blow-up pillow. The four HM still have some food.

* * * * *

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