Big Brother UK S10E04 (Channel 4)

All of the HM have eyeglasses and moustaches drawn on with permanent markers. Davina says that the NHM with the lowest vote will be booted out without any fanfare, no best bits or cheering/leering crowds.

Day 3

Any NHM who doesn’t achieve HM status today will be up for the public vote. The NHM are trying to come up with some rules to answer the phone.

Cairon is boasting to Siavash that Dogface wants him in her bed. Charlie, Kris and Saffia are getting into the tub, which is in the garden. It’s pretty cold. Sree joins them. He feels dirty. The HM and NHM start washing up.

Dogface and Rodrigo are in the kitchen. BB calls a NHM to the diary room. Sophia was there first. She’s got instructions for the NHM. They are told that there is one challenge left. They will be called to the diary room one at a time to face their challenge.

Sree asks Marcus who is his favorite HM. Marcus is lying down with Sophia in his arms. It’s a bit strange. He says that Sree is alright. He then asks Sree, who pussyfoots and says that he likes everyone. Sophia says that Sree is OK, but she doesn’t like Saffia. She does like Marcus. She hasn’t much to say about Sree. Sree was obviously looking for some approval and didn’t get it from them.

Angel is in the diary room. She needs to be first in a high-speed dunk off. She does 21 seconds. Beinazeir does 11 seconds. Cairon lasts the longest front what’s shown and later it’s revealed that he has become the final HM. Some of the NHM have to explain to Sree what this actually means. All of the NHM are up for eviction.

Sree starts to cry. The NHM pity him and try to make him feel better. Later, Karly feels bad for Sree. Sree has gone to the diary room. He’s still crying like a little girl. I’m fast forwarding those bits.

The HM have been heating the NHM soup for 4 minutes. BB tells the HM and NHM that they can’t do this. They can’t heat up the food. BB tells the NHM to return the hot food to the hatch.

BB will provide HM with tokens for access to the bathroom. The NHM do not have access. Freddie immediately drops one off so that they can have hot water. Some of the girls are getting dressed up. Lisa tells them that they need to practice a song. They sing YMCA. Siavash has come to the diary room. He can’t wait to get his suitcase. He needs his clothes. For him, BBUK will start when he gets his clothes. He’s a git.

Sree, Cairon, Siavash, and Karly are in the garden. Cairon is teaching Karly some dance moves. Angel is in the diary room. It looks like she has been crying. That crazy Russian! She’s boring. I’m FFing that bit. Sree and Lisa are talking about what happens to Sree after he dies. She tries to make a big deal about the fact that she was in the diary room. Lisa says that she didn’t even notice that Angel was in there. FF!

Most of the HM and NHM are in the living room. Sophia has come to the diary room. She bitches about Saffia to BB.

Karly and Cairon are at the Bus Stop. Saffia is in the diary room. It looks as she also has been crying. She’s whining about Sophia. It’s obvious that Sophia hates her.

Dogface explains about her boobs. Dogface lets him touch the top of her tits. She says that she had FFs but she wanted perkier boobs so she got GGs. Siavash tells her that she looks good. Dogface says that she wants to get a little bigger boobs.

Sree asks Dogface if he has done something wrong. Noirin and Karly are there as well. He wants to know why people don’t like him. They try to make him feel better.

Sunday Night Eviction Special

Davina talks to the BBUK house. She says that Angel has become a HM. She joins the HM. Sophia is next to become a HM. She’s got a really annoying nervous laugh. Marcus becomes a HM. Sree becomes a HM. It’s between Siavash and Beinazir.

Siavash becomes a HM. Beinazir is evicted. It’s not a real loss. She leaves in a bus.

* * * * *

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