Big Brother UK S10E05 (Channel 4)

Sophia is once again talking behind Saffia’s back. Saffia hears this and joins in to defend herself. Sophia is a total bitch. She starts getting loud. Saffia walks away. Most of the NHM and HM agree that they would have done the same as Saffia. Saffia goes to the bedroom and comes back. Sophia is still arguing. Saffia tries to make peace, but Sophia won’t have it.

Marcus tells Dogface that Sree is getting on his nerves. He’s an attention whore. He’s also always crying and talking about eviction.

Saffia has come to the diary room. She’s upset about Sophia, but she’s no longer going to worry about her. Sophia doesn’t like her. Dogface says that she likes black men.

Sophia tests to see what Sree can tolerate. He doesn’t like dirty dancing. Sree doesn’t understand much. He says that he likes funky house. He’s like a kid. Later, Sophia tries to tell Siavash that he doesn’t know belly dancing. She’s pretty full of herself.

Saffia asks Freddie if he could have an open relationship with a boy and a girl in the same apartment. He says that he could do it with two girls. She asks him if he fancies Charlie. Freddie doesn’t disagree. He fancies Sophie. He finds her attractive.

Dogface and Halfwit are in the kitchen. Sree, Marcus, Angel and Siavash are in the living room. Angel can’t stand Siavash’s constant swearing. She asks him to cut it down. Angel is emotional and Marcus is holding her hand.

Noirin has come to the diary room. She thinks that things will get better after tonight’s eviction. She thinks that Sophia needs to calm down because she’s very opinionated and tries to start arguments. She causes tension.

Later that night, some of the NHM and HM are singing songs. NHM Siavash is in the garden. Cairon is lending some emotional support. They have become quite close and Siavash finds this weird but good.

BB has gathered the NHM in the garden to announce the results of tonight’s eviction. Sophia gets nasty with Angel. She’s a nasty piece of work that little midget. Beinazir was evicted. Siavash is in the toilet. Cairon wants some time by himself. Sree goes around and says that he is cooking tonight. Marcus says that things will be different. Angel thought that one of the boys would go. Siavash says that it’s going to be hard eviction HM every week. Cairon and Siavash feed off each other and get back positive.

The HM now receive all of their stuff. Most of the HM are in the kitchen. The storeroom is opened and they receive some food. There is alcohol and pizzas. Angel is acting weird. She doesn’t like pizza. She’s sucking on a raw egg. She’s also a kind of attention whore.

Sree finds Siavash’s clothes funny. He walks out of the bedroom and immediately, Saffia and Charlie want to get dressed up. They prance around. Sophia thinks that the clothes are messed up. Charlie says that because of the clothes, Siavash might be gay. Most of the HM play dress-up. Sophia is somewhat appalled. Later, Dogface thinks that they should nick Sophia’s champagne. Charlie and Dogface try to get it. They do and Sophia immediately noticed. Dogface and Charlie pretend that they didn’t take it. Dogface finally admits. Charlie thinks that Sophia is taking it to another level.

Cairon and Siavash are in the diary room. They are here to exchange a token for hot water. They both think that Sophie and Noirin are hot.

Dogface and Karly are talking about dildos. Sree weasels up to them. Later, Dogface and Karly are talking about Cairon. Dogface thought that Cairon was hot. Sophia has come to the diary room to complain about people stealing her wine. She says that Saffia is the ringleader of her own little clique and Sophia wants to break it up.

* * * * *

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