Big Brother UK S10E06 (Channel 4)

Yesterday, Beinazir was evicted. HM have access to the entire house. The HM get woken up by an annoying alarm. Some of the boys jump into the pool in their pants. Sree is in the diary room. He says that he loves everyone and that he gets along with everyone. He doesn’t like one person more than another. Charlie says that he might fancy Freddie.

Dogface, Halfwit and Rodrigo are in the sitting room. Some of the HM are in the living room. Marcus says that Sree is annoying. Lisa is aggravated by Halfwit.

Later some of the HM are talking about the toilet in the bedroom. Rodrigo says that he doesn’t like people pooing behind his head. Halfwit and Rodrigo are in the kitchen talking about anarchy. Rodrigo wants to meet the Queen.

Halfwit has prepared a lot of salad. Siavash and Cairon are in the garden. Some of the HM aren’t happy. Cairon, Karly, Siavash and Charlie talk about this. They don’t like the fact that he prepared all that food without asking. It will go off in a day.

Saffia is pushed by Charlie into the pool as a joke. She had her mike on. Some of the boys finally eat some salad. Freddie admitted to Rodrigo that he might have made a faux-pas by cooking the salad. Siavash tells him that he can’t cook, so that he doesn’t mind eating Freddie’s food but he should ask who wants some before starting.

Later, Dogface, Sophia and Rodrigo ask Halfwit to sing. He mentioned that he was trained classically. Dogface and Rodrigo start laughing. They were feeding off each other. They ask him to sing Summertime. The sound is too bad for me to tell if he is any good. It seems he’s OK, but he hasn’t got a great voice.

In the afternoon, most of the HM are playing hide and seek.

Sree asks Noirin what she thinks about arranged marriage. She will marry who she chooses. Noirin asks him who he is close to. Once again, Sree is evasive. He says that he is close to everyone. Sree says that he doesn’t like cliques. For some reason, Sree thinks that he can give Noirin advice on friendship.

Karly tells Rodrigo that German and English are so similar because the Nazis invaded Britain. How stupid is she? Lisa and Saffia are talking about Kris. She thinks that he likes the glamor models, but Lisa says that he doesn’t. It’s obvious that she fancies him, but there is no way in hell that he will return her affections.

For some reason, Cairon is washing Siavash’s hair in the bath. It’s pretty gay. Sophia comes in. She starts laughing. Saffia wants to exchange a token for a privilege. Noirin and Saffia hand it over to Karly and Dogface. BB accepts to exchange the token for alcohol.

Marcus says that Billy Ray Cyrus copied his look. Dogface and Karly come out with a basket of goodies. Lisa says that she didn’t want alcohol, she wanted strawberries and cream. Lisa makes a point that they are running out of food and some of them didn’t want any alcohol. So tomorrow she will do like they did and redeem a token for herself.

Marcus has come to the diary room. He likes Angel and Sophie. Sree tells Lisa in the garden that he respects his elders. The HM should listen to her.

Freddie says that Sophie is the prettiest, Noirin is the sexiest and Karly is the most interesting. Cairon says that Noirin is fit. Siavash says that he wasn’t seeing anyone, he would ask Noirin to marry him.

Marcus is talking with Siavash, Lisa and Cairon about the food situation. Sree tells Karly that he felt uncomfortable when she dressed up with Sophie. They weren’t wearing many clothes. He implies that she doesn’t have to get naked for people to like her. She starts to cry and they snuggle a bit.

Sree is a bit of a prude. Karly and Cairon at the bus stop. She tells Cairon about Sree’s comments. Cairon tells her that Sree is full of shit. She should be comfortable to do what she wants with her body.

Marcus wakes Sree up at 4AM because he is snoring. Marcus goes to the living room. Cairon is in the diary room. He is getting aggravated with Sree. He says that sooner or later he will piss Cairon off. He comes out and talks with Marcus. Marcus says that he doesn’t know his boundaries. He’s like a little kid. Marcus thinks that Sree is trying to play them.

* * * * *

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