Big Brother UK S10E07 (UK)

Some of the HM are nervous about the nominations. They don’t know that they will nominate today. Freddie and Sophie are talking about singing. Freddie is stroking her neck.

Sree is praying in the bedroom. Saffia thinks that Charlie will win. Noirin thinks that Lisa will win. Dogface tells Angel that she will probably get her lips done and some Botox.


Angel                          Sophia                         Dogface
Cairon                         Sree                             Charlie
Charlie                        Sophia                         Halfwit
Dogface                      Sree                             Charlie
Halfwit                        Sree                             Lisa
Karly                           Marcus                        Halfwit
Kris                             Sophia                         Halfwit
Lisa                             Karly                           Halfwit
Marcus                       Sree                             Lisa
Noirin                         Sophia                         Halfwit
Rodrigo                      Cairon                         Siavash
Saffia                          Sophia                         Marcus
Siavash                      Charlie                         Halfwit
Sophia                        Saffia                          Noirin
Sree                            Sophia                        Marcus

Halfwit and Sophia received 6 noms and will face the public vote. Angel, Rodrigo and Kris received no noms.

During her noms, Lisa has trouble repeating the names of Halfwit and Karly. It’s because she’s given all of the HM names in her head. She called Halfwit Dipshit and Karly Kyrie.

Halfwit tells part of the group that he wouldn’t be sad to see Sree go. Sree is crying because he has to nominate. Oochie-poo!

Angel says that things are going to be bad. She likes to predict the worst. Rodrigo doesn’t like hearing this. He leaves and is a bit aggravated by Angel. Angel starts to cry. Lisa tries to make her feel better.

Cairon, Dogface and Karly are in the bathroom. Cairon is scrubbing Sophie’s back. Some of the HM start gossiping about Cairon and Sophie. Rodrigo comes up to Angel and tells her that she shouldn’t be so negative. It will wear her down.

Dogface and Sophie are at the Bus Stop. Halfwit has got his arm around her shoulders. They are talking about showers and travels. He also strokes her neck once again.

BB has gathered the HM to play a game to win some treats. Earlier today, Angel dyed Freddie’s hair, eyebrows and beard. As part of their task, Lisa has to sit outside until further notice. Sophia tells Karly and Sophie that Sree is really irritating her. She says that Sree is slagging her off to other people behind her back. Saffia, Karly and Kris try to make Sree feel better.

Sophia is getting really riled up. She isn’t having it. Cairon and Siavash make Sophia feel better with their antics. Kris comes to the diary room. Siavash says that he will try to sort things out. Siavash comes to see Sree. He tells him to chill out.

Later that night, Sophie is trying to make Sree feel better. Kris joins them. Sophie starts playing with Kris’ back.

* * * * *

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