Airnimal Ultimate Folders

Airnimal Chameleon Ultra
Airnimal Chameleon Ultra

The Airnimal Chameleon Ultra is supposed to be the ultimate folder. Granted, it has 24″ wheels and comes with Dura-Ace components, but spending $4,300 on a folder? With a wee bit more money spent, you could bet a Trek Madone 6.9 Pro Red! Well, that’s actually $2K more, but you get the idea. That Madone is one sexy bike in Astana team colors. Giant makes the MR4F that looks comparable to the Chameleon, but it has some Shimano entry group set. It’s not the same caliber bike, but it only costs a few hundred dollars.

On another note, I love bikes, but I can’t really see myself in a recumbent bike. I think that the goal of bike performance is to keep the weight down. Recumbent bikes are just too heavy in my opinon. Also, they are unwieldy. You can’t really compare if you have a 15lbs carbon fiber road bike vs a larger, heavier recumbent bike. Anyway, I’m sure that recumbents are fine for some people. They just aren’t for me.

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