Iran’s Complex Political System

This depicts Irans complex political system, a mix between religion and politics
This depicts Iran's complex political system, a mix between religion and politics

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2 thoughts on “Iran’s Complex Political System”

  1. Actually, if it weren’t for the totally bogus component of religion in the systemm (“supreme leaders,” “hidden immans,” and mullahs or supposedly holy men have me running for my Christopher Hitchens – any of these these things that threaten my right to think and speak as I like mmake break out into rashes like you wouldn’t believe) it would be a fantastic system.
    Maybe the people of Iran are about to make a really revolutionary choice (as opposed to the rather bogus one with that gerontocratic Ayatollah presiding, back in the seventies and eighties. I suspect that the Moussavi and his supporters are about to find themselves in charge of a new regime. Hopefully, they keep all the checks and balances, which are certainly a virtue in the old regime, and simply overhaul the relgious aspect, making it either non-functional, or just a figurehead (as in the British Commonwealth’s constitutional monarchy).

  2. I don’t know where exactly it is heading, but I find it pretty great that news is filtering out from that regime via Twitter.

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