Big Brother UK S10E12 (Channel 4)

Karly and Noirin are talking about Sophie’s boobs. Kris and Lisa are talking about Sophie. Kris didn’t think that he would get involved with anyone. Lisa says that there is more to Sophie than her tits.

That afternoon, all of the HM are in the garden. Sophie tells Kris that she is knackered. They kiss a bit. Sree is spouting some more nonsense to Noirin. Sree is trying to get into Noirin’s pants. Kris and Sophie are called to the diary room. BB tells them that fake romances are not going to be tolerated. BB quotes them some things that they have said in the house.

Kris tells Charlie that Sophie is well pissed because of his banter comment. He said that he needed more banter. Lisa, Noirin, Sree, Halfwit and Sophie are talking about who they fancy. Sree is very touchy feely with Noirin.

For today’s task, 2 HM will be blindfolded and dressed up as a bull. One HM will direct them around. The bull has 2 minutes to smash at least 10 red plates. Cairon and Charlie will be in the bull and Siavash will be directing them. It’s pretty funny to watch. Some of the HM are laughing like crazy. They smashed 19 plates so they passed today’s task.

Sree is cooking. Noirin is putting on her eyeglasses and moustache. Sree is trying to make Noirin feel better.

Some of the HM exchange bread for alcohol. Rodrigo comes to the diary room. He still doesn’t like the swearing.

Sophie tells the group that she only had two boyfriends. Noirin says she also had only two. Marcus offers to go with her to the diary room to talk to BB about the moustaches and eyeglasses. She toys with the idea of going on a hunger strike. Marcus doesn’t think that it will last very long. Sree wants to join. Noirin announces to everyone that she will go on a hunger strike. Marcus tells Noirin to just scrub off the markers. Noirin doesn’t want to. Lisa has come to the diary room. She thinks that it’s ridiculous.

Lisa tells the HM that Noirin shouldn’t starve herself. Angel supports Noirin, and Lisa doesn’t like that. She tells Angel that she needs to grow up. Lisa gets really upset with Halfwit because he is being a halfwit. Marcus tells everyone to shut up. Lisa gets riled up. Marcus and Lisa start shouting. Lisa is behaving like a 5-year old. Marcus tells Lisa that she is a bully. BB calls Lisa to the diary room. BB wants Lisa to calm down. While she is inside, Marcus goes on and on about Lisa. He has been holding his tongue since he came into the house. Lisa says that she will not speak to Halfwit and Marcus anymore.

Marcus is called to the diary room to reflect about the situation. He doesn’t understand why Lisa hates him. He goes out and tells the group if anyone has anything to say to him, they should.

* * * * *

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