Big Brother UK S10E13 (Channel 4)

Last night, Marcus, Lisa and Dogface had an argument with Noirin after she went on hunger strike because of the glasses and mustache she has to draw on her face everyday.

Lisa and Marcus talk about the argument. Lisa wishes that she hadn’t gotten involved. Part of the problem is Angel. She kept telling Noirin those 3 days without food are good for her. Rodrigo is appalled at what Angel is saying. He says that she is giving bad advice. Rodrigo doesn’t want to listen to her. She is annoying him. He walks off.

Noirin is putting on her marker mustache. Some of the HM have pullet off Sree’s swimming trunks. Angel tells Noirin that she doesn’t plan on eating in the next three days just to prove that it’s fine.

BB has gathered the HM together for today’s task. 6 HM will take part in an endurance task. Six HM have been transformed into dancing flowers. The flowers must dance continually for a period of time that was determined in advance by BB. It’s a little more than 3 hours. They must keep dancing for at least 3 hours and 27 minutes and an odd number of seconds. They cannot sing.

Charlie and Kris decide to play a prank on Freddie. They tell him that they are going to play hide and seek. They make him hide and fake him to hide there while they chill in the garden. Halfwit suspects that something is up, but he still remains hidden for 31 minutes.

After 2.5 hours, Siavash starts insulting the flowers. They can’t hear him. The flowers have been dancing for 5 hours. HM are unaware that hey have already passed the task.

Angel tells Charlie that she wants to drink the water that they used to boil the spaghetti. Charlie doesn’t think that she should be doing this to herself. Charlie thinks that she has already lost weight in the last 10 days. Charlie doesn’t want her to do it.

Marcus tells Siavash and Angel off for messing with them. The HM stop their dancing. They have been dancing for over 5 hours. They have passed this week’s task.

Noirin tells Lisa that Sree is like a third arm. He won’t leave her alone. She complains later to Lisa and Angel. At the pool, Charlie exchanges a kiss for a drink with Rodrigo. Angel squeals. Noirin says that she doesn’t like Sree’s touchy feely paws all over her.

Once again, Sree is stripped of his pants. He’s naked in the pool. Sophie helps him out. Karly says that Kris is a womanizer. Sophie is there as well and she agrees. Angel is in the diary room. Sree and Noirin are in the sitting room. Sree says that he likes her a lot. Noirin says that they are friends. He says that he likes her more than a friend. He’s pathetic. He thinks that she likes him that way. He says that he is in love with her. She doesn’t say anything.

The boys tease Sree. He says that he doesn’t need their advice. Cairon is making some great rhymes. Sree hangs around Noirin while she goes to bed. He is getting creepy. When the lights are off, he comes to see her once again. He tells her what the other boys are telling him. Rodrigo says that there is tension in the house.

* * * * *

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