Big Brother UK S10E14 (Channel 4)

HM are talking about Angel’s fast. Most of them disagree with what she is doing. Charlie says that he doesn’t think that it is good for her. Noirin tells the HM that she hasn’t had sex in seven months.

Sree is praying in the sitting room. I hope he gets nominated this week. Cairon tries his moves on Sophie as a joke.

Charlie isn’t nominating. When threatened with nomination, he relents and nominates. Sree is making bacon sandwiches without cooking the bacon. Lisa bites into it and finds out that the bacon isn’t cooked. Noirin tells Sophie that she told Sree that they are only friends, but he doesn’t seem to be getting the message.

Sree wants to learn how to swim. He’s a total git. Sree tries to take Cairon’s bowl and he freaks out. Marcus finds it funny. When Marcus tells Sree that he’s being dirty, Sree tells him to shut his face.

Siavash tells Cairon that Sree declared his love for Noirin. Sophie is there as well.


Angel              Siavash            Cairon             “They aren’t entertaining.”

Cairon             Sree                 Angel

Charlie           Halfwit            Marcus

Dogface          Halfwit            Marcus

Halfwit            Sree                 Lisa

Karly               Halfwit            Angel              “Angel is absolutely coo coo.”

Kris                 Halfwit            Angel

Lisa                 Halfwit            Marcus

Marcus           Halfwit            Lisa

Noirin             Halfwit            Cairon             “He’s so lazy.”

Rodrigo          Halfwit            Cairon

Siavash           Charlie             Lisa

Sree                 Halfwit            Cairon             “He called me a nasty bastard.”

Both Sophie and Karly mention how Halfwit moans when he eats. Karly can’t stand his laugh. Halfwit and Cairon are nominated this week.

Noirin and Sree are in the sitting room. She says that she doesn’t want to lead him on. Sree says not to worry about anything. Sree wonders why Noirin is so moody. He pesters her to put on eyeglasses and a moustache on his face. He’s getting really lecherous.

Halfwit is talking with Charlie. He says that he isn’t any good if he doesn’t get enough sleep. Charlie thinks that he is making things hard. He doesn’t smile and takes things too seriously.

Sree isn’t getting the message. Noirin isn’t interested. Sree has come to the diary room. Most of the HM are asleep. He asks BB’s advice about Noirin. He wants BB to talk with Noirin about him.

* * * * *

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