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Even though there are less teaching jobs in Taiwan, it didn’t take me long to find one. I have been only seriously looking for one for less than a week. What I really like is that it’s very close to my home. It’s a 2 min scooter drive or a 10 minute bike ride in my opinion. I start on Monday and this job will last most of the summer.

I’ve done something like 4 demos in the past week and this place had the most disciplined kids. They also spoke pretty good English for their age. I’m teaching Kindergarten and grade school buxiban classes. For some reason, schools seem more desperate. Does this mean that there are also less teachers? Wages haven’t really improved in a decade.

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2 thoughts on “Job Search”

  1. Schools are more desperate because they always make bad decisions (with very few exceptions). Too many people have been screwed around. Now is the perfect time to look for a job, whether it is in Hsinchu, Taipei, or other bigger or smaller either.
    Less teachers? I doubt it. I think there are just as many teachers. There is actually a lot more competition for jobs (which explains why it took me one and a half months, and maybe even two months, I think, to find schol that would hire me and provide me with an ARC. Schools are desperate, but they are also cynical. They constantly get people to do demos and shop around. They want immediate flash and fire, sturm and drang. Eveen though it is doubtful that the schools which are the most picky and the most flaky will end up with the teachers they want, they do this anyway. There are some really stupid business practices over here.
    But maybe you aren’t talking about regular jobs. Are you just subbing? That is definitely an easy thing to find. But the overwillingness of teachers to do subbing work too easily allow schools to exploit teachers for less money, less accountability to the government, not to mention no health-care and other such benefits. Also, once again, it allows schools to fire teachers at will, and build up giant banks of teachers to call in for demos (a.k.a. free teaching) and to sell the names and c.v.’s to agents or consultants.
    Not all schools are this bad. I just think there is a lot unethical behaviour in the buxiban culture here.

  2. Since I’m going to be studying full time in the fall, and that the summer is usually a dead period for teaching, I was pretty happy to find long term sub positions. However, both of these jobs wanted to hire me full time as well.

    It was a lot easier than last year because one of the schools that hired me this year didn’t last year.

    Why sub work? Well, I can’t commit to any teaching hours as of yet since I don’t know my exact schedule in the fall. I know that I will be teaching part time in the fall, or I’ll have enough writing gigs to not need to teach. It will depend. I’m giving myself the summer to see how it pans out.

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