Hawthorne S01E01 (TNT)

Last night, Hawthorne premiered. It stars Jada Pinkett Smith as the RN in charge of all nurses at a hospital. As much as I love The Closer, this show is pretty weak. TNT tries to compare it to The Closer, but it isn’t close. It’s filled with clichés. The overworked nurse, the belligerent doctors, the sex and the affairs, and the nurse who just cares too much.

Since it airs on TNT, the show will get a full summer season. I don’t recommend it. Actually, Mental on Fox is a lot better as a medical drama. In fact, Nurse Jackie is really great. You could say that Hawthorne is a weak Nurse Jackie, without all of the interesting bits.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

The first view of Jada Pinkett Smith is pretty bad. She was talking to her dead husband. She leaves to help her friend David. She plays Christina Hawthorne, the RN in charge of the nurses at the hospital. David just wanted to say goodbye. He actually jumped. He is sick. He didn’t die. Christina doesn’t bring in the DNR quick enough so they use the paddles on him.

Hawthorne gets arrested for breaking through a security checkpoint and assaulting a guard.

David is her husband’s friend. Tom, a doctor, helped her get out of the assault charges. He’s running late for his rounds. Christina goes to a meeting she is running today.

The homeless woman Isabelle shows him a newborn that she has in her stuff. Isabelle gets rough with her. Christina takes it in to the ER. Isabelle freaks out. The kid isn’t doing too well. Isabelle named him Moses.

The administrator already called CPS. Christina has to stall. A male nurse wants confirmation of the sliding scale of insulin that was prescribed to the vet.

Christina gets called to her daughter’s school. The principal says that this is her last warning. One more, and Camille will be suspended. Camille has handcuffed herself to some vending machines. Camille says that her mom let her dad die a year ago. Christina says that they can do whatever they want with Camille and walks off.

The vet goes into shock after Ray administered the insulin dosage that was prescribed by Dr. Marshall. Kelly has trouble understanding Dr. Masaki. Amanda, Christina’s mother in law, drops by to be a bitch. She’s on the hospital board and she wants her son’s ashes, as it was agreed before.

Dr. Marshall and Ray get into it. She blames him. Mr. Sharpe is the father of the vet. He isn’t happy with the staff. Dr. Wakefield needs to discipline the doctor and Hawthorne wants to discipline her nurse. Sharpe plans on transferring his son and filing a lawsuit.

Christina tells Ray that he is off his cases for the rest of the day. He should have followed his instincts. They are in a load of trouble because of this. Against all odds, it turns out that Isabelle is Moses’ real mother. She collapses because she was hemorrhaging.

There is a budget meeting. Marshall takes the opportunity to mention her case with Sharp. Wakefield wants to talk with Marshall outside, but she just leaves. She still blames Stein for her mistake.

Camille is going over to her grandma’s place for the memorial dinner and drops by the hospital to see her mom. Christina takes a few ashes from the urn and burns them to keep a part of him all for herself.

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