34 Km Bike Ride Banciao Yonghe Xindian Taipei

Yesterday, I didn’t train. I almost went out for a run, but in the end, I didn’t. Today, I had planned on at least doubling or tripling my usual route. At first, I thought of simply doing laps, though that didn’t seem very efficient. There are these nifty on ramps to get out of the riverside parks that can be used to train for climbing.

Banciao -> Yonghe -> Sindian City -> Wunshan -> Daan -> Jhongjheng -> Wanhua -> Banciao.
Here is the approximate route. Google Maps doesn’t compute the bike paths and it had some trouble getting onto the bridges, GMaps that is, not me.

It was a nice day, cloudy enough so that the sun didn’t bother me at all. I rode from Banciao to Yonghe and kept going until the bike path was finished. I took a short break and wondered if I would just double bakc. seemed a bit odd. I saw a steady flow of bikers simply taking their bikes up these stairs and then riding the bridge across into Xindian and the Yuhe Riverside Park. I decided to do the same. The Taipei side is a bit more crowded, but still interesting, as I had never ridden on it before. On the way back, I took the Huazhong bridge back into Banciao and rode home. It was definitely a nice ride and it took 1:01. Approximate distance covered is about 34km, so this means that I was faster than earlier this week. That’s to be expected. I almost had fresh legs and I had a great time.

I didn’t really see many people training. Most of the other bike riders were just leisure riders. Actually, I did see one guy on a road bike. When you climb with the Anthem, you need to lean forward and power through. Otherwise, if you are too high, and the incline is steep, the bike will have a tendency to flap backward, which can be dangerous.

Overall, the Anthem is a great XC bike. I haven’t ridden it on any trails yet, but I plan on doing so in the near future. I’m still a bit clumsy with it, since I have never had a dual suspension bike before. I tend to overcompensate since I don’t know how it is going to react.

I think I’ll purchase new rims and road tires in the near future. Since I plan on purchasing a TCR Advanced SL Limited in a few months, that seems to be the best compromise until I get a real road bike. It will be the lowest cost alternative, that is unless I get some Mavic Crossmax SLRs. The Anthem is quite light on its wheels.

On my arrival here in Taiwan on June 7th, I weighed in at 80kgs (176 lbs). Today, I was at 78kgs (172 lbs). I have a feeling that the weight that I put on since Christmas will melt away or be transformed into muscle mass in a short while. I’m actually surprised because I thought that I had put on a lot more weight. That’s good to know, since at my lowest last year, I weighed 165 lbs.

I’m kind of happy how I eased into cycling. I like the feel of the burn when you accelerate. I try to do this as much as possible, either to power over a small incline or to pass other bikers. Initially, I had planned on using cycling to cross-train in conjunction with my marathon training. As of yet, my marathon training is completely off track, but I’m hoping that next week, I’ll get back into it fully.

km count this week: 70

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

4 thoughts on “34 Km Bike Ride Banciao Yonghe Xindian Taipei”

  1. We all benefit from cycling and lose some weight. I’m now 60kg comparing to 64kg 4 months ago. Did you go cycling from 板橋 to 烏來 or 小格頭? Both are famous routes in Taipei County. You are welcome to join us weekly if you like although most of us are hobby cyclists. We are all live nearby 中和 the city next to 板橋.

    Events will be posted here: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/bicycleshop

  2. Cool I’ll check it out. I haven’t really explored any of those routes. I tend to go cycling after the sun goes down and I basically train for speed and endurance, doing the same 20 km loop over and over again. It gets boring, but it’s safe, since it’s on the bike paths.

    Sure, I’d like to join cycling groups. For now, I ride alone and it’s also getting a bit boring!

  3. Thanks for this info. I’m actually a Taiwanese living in Singapore. I’m heading back this coming Dec for a mth. Will be checking out the route that you’ve mentioned. Also, I’m wondering if you have any more updates on the route?

  4. Updates? There is a new construction spot, but it just adds a little hilly bit. If you check out the GMaps link, you can see it well. I get on the track near the Wanban bridge. You have to find a spot to get onto the riverside parks and then you’re good.

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