Christians on the Storytree

Jesus Christ, The Rose of Sharon, VerseVisions by Mark Lawrence
Jesus Christ, The Rose of Sharon, VerseVisions by Mark Lawrence

I was walking with S, Dr. G, and the wife towards a restaurant in the Shida ghetto. We came across two strange ladies who were chanting They were seated close to each other and kept repeating the same thing over and over again. I didn’t see any Buddhist prayer beads or tokens of faith, nevertheless, my mind initially thought that they were Buddhists.

I looked over at S, my eyes full of questions. Christians, she said. Christians? Yes, Christians, she said once again. They are saying the name of the saviour over and over again. Jesus? Yes, Jesus, she said. I said that I thought they were Buddhists. No, they are Christians she said and we continued our walk.

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One thought on “Christians on the Storytree”

  1. LO as it is a written For all men have sinned and fallen short of his glory ,he did not say few men nor did he say many men were sinners but all men were sinners and fell short of his glory .

    Thou I am lady and a say confessing now unto you even that I am now a true following christian of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ which was made flesh .

    Thou all men have sinned and fallen short of God’s glroy I am one of them few sinners out of all sinners in this crooked perverse wicked world which ear heard her Gods voice of words speak unto me and I was a God fearing women which with in did tremble and shake .

    I a past sinner out of all sinners in this world being one of them few which wanted her soul saved .

    I did not want to perish die I wanted to get Jesus Christ’s evelrasting life so I repented turned back unto him the true living God and had a forsaken all my carnally eartlhy past even all lustful things .

    That old women Lana which is my past old sinful person I know not whom she is know more that sinner she is dead and buried in her grave only letting her Christ arise out to walk with him in her he is my new creational self.

    When I repented turned back unto him I was washed and forgiven in my mind of all the past ungodly deeds which I have ungodly evil committed in past times he had forgiven me and renewed my head .

    Now I do walk with him in his awesome sweet smelling heavenly kingdom .O I am free he has set me free a lady yes a christian yes a christian I a lady am in her Christ Jesus her tribute King .

    He has set me free now from all the other sinners in this worlds law sin and death .

    Because I one sinner out of all sinners in this world I be one of those few faithful ones which did ear hear her livig God and feared than repented to serve him the great I he the great living God.

    I wanted not to be accounted added to the other sinners in this world which did not repent which did not hearken unto the voice of the words of God.

    I did not want to be judged with them in the great dreadful day coming up upon all the disobedient childrens heads in this soon coming upon them when my God’s anger judges them with storng judgment called the great mother of hariots last hour judgment day .And now I a true following witness do surely declare that the Lord comes quickly and evn I declare And all there riches are a coming to naught coming to nothing .

    Howbeit this is whom I am ,I am what I am in Christ Jesus which is the I am he , he chose me I chose him not .And since I be one which hearkened and repented turning back unto him now I am made his witness for all the other sinners in this world .To confess behold my Lamb of God it is he whom was before me and it is he whom is after me O repent every one of you and beleive in my Lamb of God’s gospel .Make a straight path now with in you for the coming of this my Lord .

    Howbeit freely I received his words and I freely today give to you blessing you thou I warn all my heaers to save even a rightious man that he sins not after being one instructed with given knowledge to save even I was instructed in the book of Eze being comfort when the Lord said even unto me that is I warn my hearers that they sin not after being instructed and than if that man sins not after being warned.

    Praise God I just saved his rightious soul and again delivered mine out of trouble .For because I with held no truth from them mn . I spake with much love towards them showing mercy and kindness .By giving them truth and hidden knowledge to save them .

    And this is that warning these words are my daily portian which I received freely and than freely blessed you I being the one to even enlighten you showing you compassion .

    So please I gave to you freely so now do as you will with these free blessing words but give also freely to others now.

    Question you men have and even you have to warn now your heaers which you give these words to to save there souls from sin .

    If not it is better than to keep quiet by not speak to children to be ones lead unto the wicked mens ere ways to have them decieved.

    So these words now you take them freely and keep them written in thy heart thou do not go into the ways of the gain sayers and make wages of them .

    This letter is written and copied by Lana sent from heaven to reign by being one anointed and daily inspired even today to write even unto you men .Peace I give unto my true Brethen only in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Amen.But as written there is no peace to all the wicked men written in the book of proverbs and I even a saint now says Amen.

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