Big Brother UK 2nd Eviction S10E17-18 (Channel 4)

Sree and Dogface are in the bedroom. Charlie, Karly, Lisa and Kris are talking about Sophie. Halfwit is in the diary room and says that there is something brewing between Kris and Charlie. Sophie is trimming Kris’ beard.

Noirin, Rodrigo and Noirin are in the kitchen. Noirin wonders why Sree is being an ass today. Sree is being passive aggressive. Sree tells Noirin that she disrespected their friendship by what she did yesterday. Sree says that he is just a HM. Noirin leaves and goes to see Marcus. Marcus sees Sree arrive and gives Noirin a hug. He is also petting her. The others are winding Sree up. It’s good to see.

While the rest of the HM are doing the shopping task, Sophie and Karly are talking about Kris. Karly tells Sophie that Kris is being genuine with her. They start talking about Marcus. He is a bit rude to them.

Cairon is in the diary room. He thinks that he is the comic relief of the house. Karly and Kris are talking about Sophie. Karly really likes Sophie. Kris has got nothing to worry about.

Some of the HM are working out. Sree, Kris and Charlie are dressed up as girls. Rodrigo and Halfwit are talking about drugs. HM ordered 13 disposable cameras. Some of the HM are talking pictures. Marcus is in the diary room. He says that the only person he hasn’t really talked to is Karly.

Angel is playing a bit with Sree. Marcus tells Noirin that BB has never asked about her. Marcus and Noirin are in the kitchen cooking. Sree walks in and takes a bit of cheese. Marcus bites his head off because he put his dirty hands in the grated cheese. Noirin asks Marcus if there is anyone that Sree hasn’t had a fight with?

Sree comes to the living room and calls Marcus a dirty bastard. Lisa, Noirin, Marcus and Rodrigo are talking about Angel. She doesn’t do anything in the kitchen. Like most of the HM, she is waiting for the food to be cooked.

Some of the HM are talking pictures again. Cairon and Siavash have Sophie draw something on his butt. Angel is in the kitchen and she is making a lot of nonsensical noise. She is driving Sree mad. Marcus is still washing up. Hopefully, this will chase Sree away. Halfwit is there as well.

Sree is talking to Rodrigo about Marcus and Noirin. Sree doesn’t like Marcus much. He says that Noirin now goes to the bathroom to change because Marcus is always hanging around her. Rodrigo says that they are just friends.

Karly is in the diary room. She likes Cairon, he’s like the little brother in the house. She doesn’t like Halfwit. Sree is being an ass to Noirin again. She is having a talk with Freddie and Sree can’t help butt in. Noirin tells Freddie that Sree is testing her patience. He is really rude. Noirin tells Sree to piss off. She wants her space. He can’t leave her alone.

Eviction Night BBUK S10E18 (Channel 4)

Cairon is evicted. He is thoroughly booed. Ian Lee and Phelpsie join Davina to grill Cairon. He is asked about Sree. Sree is a hypocrite, he swears a lot and is an attention seeker.

Davina says that this is the first time that they have seen boys teaming up, like Cairon and Siavash and Kris and Siavash.

* * * * *

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