Big Brother UK S10E15 (Channel 4)

Angel is in the sitting room. She gets naked and jumps into the pool. Siavash tells Sree that Noirin wants to see him in the bedroom. It was a joke. Cairon and Siavash find it funny. Sree is swearing at them. Siavash thinks that Noirin is really getting annoyed with Sree. Charlie is talking with Kris about Sree. Sree doesn’t know that he is pissing people off.

The HM are having breakfast. Cairon is playing around with Karly and Sophie. Cairon is giving the women in the house grades based on looks. He’s just digging himself a hole. He is comparing them to Eva Mendes and Penelope Cruz.

Noirin wants to know why Sree went to diary room. He tells her that it was because of her. She doesn’t want to be involved with him in any fashion. He doesn’t like that the HM are taking the mickey out of him. She tells him to enjoy his time in house.

BB has gathered the HM in the living room for this week’s shopping task. They must perform a choreography from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. They’ve got a 2 days to practice. They see a VT about the dance. Siavash takes control. He thinks that Charlie is good as a head dancer. Sree puts his hand up and says that he is a great dancer. Karly finds him funny. Sree gets on Marcus’ case and they start an argument. Sree goes on about how he is a great dancer. Marcus tells him not to mess about on this task. All of the HM watch them argue. Sree can’t leave things alone. He comes after Marcus into the kitchen and Marcus is getting pissed off. Rodrigo says that he was dancing in Brazil.

Halfwit wonders if Noirin could have a word with Sree to get through to him. Siavash offers himself up for that task. Why is Sree in the same dance group as Marcus? The HM start practicing. The HM will be judged on how the effort they put into practice and the final rehearsal. Sree is being difficult.

BB has called Charlie to the diary room. He thinks that he’s got dance rhythm. He was surprised that the HM put him forth as head dancer. It must have been because he was teaching some of the HM some dance moves.

BB plays the music into the house at odd times during practice and they have to dance through their routines. Karly says that the blues were on for too long. The red group is watching the yellow group practice. Siavash finds Marcus really funny. Karly says that she told Sree a few times what to do, but he doesn’t listen. He’s shitty.

Noirin, Lisa, Rodrigo and Dogface are in the sitting room rehearsing. Sree leaves his group and goes to join Noirin’s group. Marcus comes after Sree and tells him to join his group again. Rodrigo tells him to practice. He doesn’t want to lose the shopping budget. Marcus tells Halfwit that Sree is a total idiot. Sree is arguing with the blue group. Rodrigo tells Sree to leave. They are practicing in the sitting room.

BB has gathered the HM to reveal the nominations. Cairon and Halfwit were nominated by the group. The group is surprised that Cairon is nominated. Sree looks surprised, but he nominated Cairon. Halfwit looks despondent. Cairon goes for a smoke with Lisa. Siavash, Angel, Charlie, and Kris join them. Sree sidles in.

Sree tells Marcus that he should stop talking to him that way. They discuss about the way that they interact. Sree tells him about conspiracies and the way that he should act with him. Sree didn’t know that they were judged on the effort they put into practicing.

Lisa tells Noirin that Cairon is shocked. Cairon is in the diary room. Cairon thinks that he’s got a 15% chance of staying. Halfwit is a halfwit and sings to Angel. Siavash tells Karly that her best features are her eyes and her bum. Cairon is playing with her. Halfwit has come to the diary room. He spouts some more nonsense. He thinks he was nominated because he’s strong competition.

Cairon wonders who nominated him. Sree, Kris, Charlie, Lisa and Noirin are at the Bus Stop. Sree is going on about Noirin. He’s still spouting a bunch of shit. Later, Charlie and Kris are talking about Sree. Kris says that Sree doesn’t listen. He gets sidetracked all of the time. He is playing a game and it’s winding some people up. Kris doesn’t really care about Sree.

Once again, Sree asks Halfwit what he thinks about him. He constantly seeks approval from others. Halfwit says that there are things that he doesn’t like, but fundamentally he is a good person.

Cairon tells Sree that he will get a lot of blind and deaf women. Sree doesn’t get their joke and Cairon laughs at him. Marcus comes to the diary room. He’s really frustrated with Sree. In the end, five minutes after having an argument, Sree has forgotten about it. He’s kind of like a little brother. He will miss Cairon if he goes. He says that he is Captain Cool as F*ck.

* * * * *

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