Big Brother UK S10E16 (Channel 4)

Angel began her hunger strike 4 days ago. She’s drinking mayonnaise. She looks terrible. Noirin says that she’s aged and looks pale. Most of the HM are worried about her. The HM are practicing. Noirin, Lisa and Sree decide to make some food instead. Halfwit is trying to force some of the HM to practice. Marcus also gets on the case of some of the HM.

Noirin, Sophie and Sree are eating with Rodrigo. Noirin on Sree’s case for not washing up. Marcus washes up every single day. The girls think that Sree is lazy. Sree says that Noirin is rude. Noirin doesn’t let up. Sree is a total git.

Some of the HM are worried about Angel. She hasn’t eating in a long while. BB has called her to the diary room. She spouts some nonsense. BB tells her that he won’t be changing the rules because of her protest.

It’s time for the dance. The HM do a good job. Later, NOirin is on Sree’s case for wasting food. Noirin tells Lisa that Sree is doing her head in. Siavash is on Angel’s case for eating soup. Angel doesn’t believe that she is eating. Lisa thinks that at one point, Noirin will tell Sree to f*ck off. Siavash tells some of the HM that he pissed off Angel. Angel is having an argument with some of the HM.

BB has gathered the HM to announce the results of this week’s shopping task. Some of the HM dare Sree to grow a moustache. The HM pass the task even though they made a few mistakes.

Later, Marcus says that the most hated HM will be HM like Sree, who go from one girl to another. Marcus tells Noirin that Sree is a virgin. Noirin feels bad for Sree now. Sree is leering as Marcus is talking with Noirin. He circles around.

Sree wants to know about the argument that he had with Noirin. Noirin says that she needs her space. The HM have gotten all dressed up for a party. Karly tells Cairon that he needs to stop arguing constantly with Sree.

Marcus and some of the boys dare Noirin to show her tits. Charlie offers to put his cock on the table. Sophie also says that she will take hers out. Sree circles around and comes into the conversation. He looks uncomfortable. When Lisa arrives, he tells her what has been going on. It doesn’t matter too much to her.

Sree and Lisa are at the Bus Stop. Sree is crying. He’s starting to get the message that Noirin doesn’t care about him.

Most of the HM are in the bedroom. Angel has come to the diary room. She is no longer on her hunger strike. Naturally, Sree goes to see Noirin and tells her that he was a bit upset. She doesn’t understand why he was upset. He’s a conservative git. Noirin tells him that he is sitting there and judging her.

* * * * *

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