Big Brother UK S10E19 (Channel 4)

Kris is joking with Sree because he is giving Noirin some alone time. Sree is horsing around with Charlie and Kris. Angel tells Sree that he needs to be careful or he will be dumped. A bunch of HM say that Halfwit is better alone than in groups. Halfwit has come to the diary room to talk about Kris and Sophie. He’s just jealous that Kris pulled Sophie and that he couldn’t. He thinks that Kris is into Charlie, but in reality, Halfwit is just projecting his own insecurities upon the situation. Kris isn’t bi, Halfwit is. Halfwit fancies Charlie as well.

Rodrigo is getting his hair cut by Angel. Sree tells Karly that he can’t be bothered with Noirin. Karly tells him that he just needs to leave Noirin alone today. Sree continues to complain to Rodrigo and Karly about the way that Noirin is treating him. Karly says that Noirin doesn’t feel the same way as he does.

Siavash, Noirin and Lisa are in the sitting room. Noirin says that Sree is behaving like a kid that likes her but hits her, like a 10-year old. Sree continues being an ass to Noirin. Sree is telling everyone that today is his day alone.

Noirin tells Rodrigo that Sree keeps following her and annoying her. She mimics the way that he acts. Sree comes to the diary room. He thinks that Noirin is his soulmate. Lisa tells Noirin that she needs to be clear with Sree. He doesn’t seem to be able to understand her message.

Cairon asks Noirin to kiss him if he leaves. Cairon says that he just wants to know if there is something between them. Lisa and Sree are at the Bus Stop. Halfwit is talking some nonsense with Kris and Noirin.

BB has provided cleaning products and uniforms to clean the house. They have some music to motivate them. If they clean good, they will get two tokens. Sree thinks that he can make Noirin jealous by dancing sexy with Sophie. Noirin doesn’t give a rat’s ass. Later, he actually tells Sophie that they made someone hardcore jealous. How pathetic!

Marcus and Noirin are talking. He likes talking with her, plus she’s the sexiest girl in here.

Yesterday, the HM got 20 cans of cider. They are counting the cans and it turns out Angel might have taken two can. There are two cans missing. All of the alcohol drinking HM got two cans. Actually, four cans are missing. No, five cans of cider. Noirin says that someone has stolen five cans of cider. Siavash says that they should look through everyone’s drawers. Halfwit magically finds them at the bottom of the fridge. Angel tells them to f*ck off because they suspected her of stealing them. Charlie tries to make her feel better. Angel is crying. He tells her to smile.

It’s eviction night. Sree starts picking on Marcus. Sree is sitting by himself. Noirin tells Marcus that Sree dishes it out but can’t take it. He starts crying. Sophie tells Sree not to be so rude. Noirin doesn’t feel sorry for Sree. Marcus tells her to change to subject.

When Cairon is evicted, Siavash starts to cry.

Angel is drunk. She says that she will paint the house with her blood. Kris is in the diary room. He can’t stand Halfwit and Angel anymore. Kris says that Halfwit is a dweeby pleb.

Sree tells Lisa that Noirin is so dumb. Lisa says that she will get her for him. Noirin says that Sree was being an ass and she will talk to him when she is ready. Lisa comes back empty-handed. Lisa says that Noirin isn’t happy with Sree. Sree says that he can’t sleep like this. Noirin tells Lisa that Sree needs to grow up. Noirin says that Lisa is mollycoddling Sree. Noirin feels like that she is back in school. Noirin tells Siavash and Marcus that Sree is behaving like a child. People are babysitting him and encouraging his bad behavior.

Sree tells the HM that some people are very stupid in the house. He gets riled up and calls Noirin that she is dumb and stupid. Lisa says that Sree wants to sort things out with Noirin, but she doesn’t want to. She didn’t like the way that he talked with Marcus. He tells the other HM to slap him in the face with his flip-flops if he makes an effort tomorrow.

The HM get into bed. Charlie gets into bed with Angel. He kisses her and is just being funny.

* * * * *

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