Big Brother UK S10E21 (Channel 4)

Today is Halfwit’s birthday and the HM are woken up with a special alarm. He is called to the diary room. HM have to participate in all of the activities of the day. If they do so, they will receive 8 tokens and a carrot cake. They are provided with costumes. BB has recreated a mini Stonehenge in the garden.

Halfwit is told that he has to direct a freeform performance in the garden. They are provided with instruments, but Freddie isn’t happy with the initial results.

Dogface says that she gets on better with men than women. Marcus and Sree are in the bedroom. Marcus tells Sree that he gets really abusive. The other HM leave them to argue some more. Sree walks away. Siavash tells Marcus that he thought that he would have a conversation with Sree. A few moments later, Marcus comes out of the bedroom to confront Sree while he is bitching to Karly and Lisa. Sree tells Marcus that he is disrespectful to women. Karly tells Marcus that he is that way.

Noirin and Dogface talk about Sree. They think that Sree is very rude to Marcus. Sree tells Marcus that he should behave. Marcus replies that he shouldn’t dare talking to him that way. The argument continues later on in the kitchen when Karly points out the different views to Marcus.

Kris is cutting Charlie’s fake hair. Sree comes to the diary room to mope around. He wants to know how he can leave the house. Halfwit has to lead a 15 minute seminar. For the final part, the HM have to prepare and ode to Halfwit. All HM have successfully taken part in the activities, they will receive booze and a cake with some tokens thrown in for good form.

Halfwit gets a gift from BB. It will return Halfwit, Dogface or Noirin to normal. He chooses Noirin without hesitation. Marcus tells Rodrigo that he will make him a crisp sandwich after they receive the shopping.

Halfwit is crying. He gets some support from Siavash. At the party, Angel is slow dancing with Freddie and kisses him a few times.

A little past midnight, Karly comes to the diary room. She can’t believe that Angel kissed Halfwit. Sree asks Noirin if she thinks that he is a bad person. Noirin says yes. She can’t stand him and that most people in the house can’t stand him either.

Some of the HM are playing a game of dares. Angel and Freddie are dared into French kissing some more.

Noirin and Marcus are talking with Noirin. Noirin says that she can’t stand Sree anymore. Marcus tells Noirin that she is mean. Lisa tells Kris that Sophie really likes him. Karly is there as well with Halfwit.

Angel and Sree are in the bedroom. Sree is looking for some people who still like him. He doesn’t like that Noirin told him that everyone hated him.

Sophie is a bit drunk and tells Kris that she doesn’t mind if he fancies Charlie.

Sree isn’t making much sense. He is kind of flirting with Charlie. Charlie leaves. Sree was just playing. Charlie tells Lisa. Sree is very happy when Charlie leaves once again.

* * * * *

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