Big Brother UK S10E22 (Channel 4)

For this week’s shopping task, HM will celebrate Henry the 8th birthday. BB asks the most blue-blooded HM to come to the diary room. Siavash says that he is related to the royal family of Iran and goes. Most of the HM don’t know what blue-blooded means. Siavash tells BB that he isn’t related to the royal family. He has to read a scroll to the HM. Siavash is the king. Six HM will become the wives. They will have to perform a birthday Tudor madrigal. Two courtiers must perform a Tudor dance. Two HM will become Tudor cooks. There is a special role to be awarded. Marcus will take that special role.

Later today, Siavash needs to take a quiz on Henri the 8th. Halfwit is going to help Siavash study. Siavash isn’t going to get any study material. Later, they see what they have to do on the plasma screen.

Siavash puts Rodrigo in the stocks, a medieval contraption in which they used to put criminals. The criminals were then bombarded with refuse and rotten veg. Charlie and Kris take the opportunity to abuse Rodrigo. Tudor kitchen is stocked with only authentic items. The cooks must follow traditional Tudor recipes, which sound pretty disgusting.

Noirin comes out and says that there are dead chickens and pigs in there. Marcus is the village idiot and helps out in the kitchen. They must cook the food for the duration of the task.

Angel is putting makeup on Freddie. She kind of likes him. Sree is sleeping. Siavash is in the diary room. He says that Sree and Halfwit don’t make good wives. He wants more powers. BB says that he will be getting special powers later today. The powers will affect nominations, but he doesn’t know this.

Halfwit is instructing Sophie and some of the others on how to sing. Kris and Charlie are practicing their Volta dance. Noirin, Lisa, Siavash and Marcus are in the kitchen. They have been cooking for 2 hours. They haven’t started preparing the food for tomorrow’s banquet. Lisa is learning how to pluck a chicken. HM only have limited time to practice for the performance. If they don’t pass it, they will only receive a basic shopping budget.

Lisa is chopping off the head of a chicken. They still haven’t started preparing for the banquet. It’s already 4PM. As part of the task, Siavash has to answer some questions. The only HM that can help him is the village idiot. If he misses, all of the HM need to throw rotten vegetables at Marcus, who is in the stocks. To pass, Siavash must answer 7 questions or more correctly. A while later he has only answered two questions correctly. He cannot answer any more wrong. They have failed this part of the task.

Sophie tells Marcus that Freddie is driving her mad. She can’t sing in tune. Marcus tell her to try her hardest, and that’s all anyone can ask of her. Angel is in the bath and Noirin brings her a piece of cake.

Kris is worried that Sree won’t be able to sing properly. Karly doesn’t know why Freddie is taking this so seriously. Who died and made him king? Meanwhile, Sree is being coached by Freddie. Sree doesn’t really care and is completely tone deaf.

Angel comes to the diary room. She says that she is quiet because she is feeling something. It’s obviously Freddie. Actually no. She says that she kissed Noirin yesterday and Lisa has been giving her the evil eye ever since. She is attracted by Noirin. Apparently Noirin made the first move. Is she just messing with BB? I can’t tell. I don’t remember her snogging Noirin last night.

It’s getting late and Marcus is helping by preparing the pig for tomorrow. The cooks haven’t started on the banquet yet. Siavash takes the leg into the garden. Charlie stuffs it down Rodrigo’s dress. He squeals like a girl.

BB has gathered the HM. Siavash has to decide which HM will lose the right to nominate. He chooses the person who always has the hardest time nominating. Charlie is pretty happy. Marcus and Noirin tells Siavash that he should have done Sree.

The HM play a game of truth. Angel says that she fancies Noirin. Noirin is called to the diary room. She says that Sree was playing a game. Angel is also playing a game. She says that she tends to fall in love with underdogs.

It’s late. Most of the HM are in the sitting room. Angel is getting naked and gets into the pool. Marcus says that Angel is always naked in the pool and always naked in the bathroom.

* * * * *

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