Big Brother UK S10E23-24 (Channel 4)

The HM will nominate live tonight.

Daily Show BBUK S10E23

Marcus is in the kitchen helping Lisa and Noirin prepare the food. HM must pass 3 out of the 4 remaining challenges since Siavash failed his task. Kris no longer wants to do the task. He wants a vote. Marcus and Rodrigo tell him that he’s out of his mind. It’s something easy and he just wants to abandon it.

It takes 8 hours to cook the 8 dishes needed for the banquet. There are about 6 hours left until the banquet. Marcus tells the singers that they are doing really well. He gives them a little speech.

Rodrigo is told that he needs to do more heynoninonying. He doesn’t understand what it means, but he gets that he’s got to be more enthusiastic during his performance. The way that BB talked to him was almost comical.

Lisa and Noirin have started the cooking. Sree complains to Karly and Rodrigo about Noirin and nominations. They tell him that he needs to change records. Sree doesn’t like hearing this. Halfwit comes to the diary room and says that he’s closest to Angel. He thinks that she fancies him, but he doesn’t really know how to handle it in here. Outside, they would just have sex. Marcus had to practice a song he has to play tonight.

HM have begun feasting on the banquet. Marcus is wearing a nymph costume and has been provided with instruments. Kris and Charlie begin their dance. The HM have been provided with wine and mead. The madrigal begins. The singing is awful. Charlie and Kris are shocked at how bad it is. During the feast, some bottles of alcohol went missing. Angel says that she knows who took it. She says that it was Sree. She saw him drink 2. She tries to blame Sree. She actually gave hers to Sree. Lisa pounces and defends Sree. Noirin says that Sree lied and said that he drank only one, when he actually drank 2. She tells both Angel and Sree that they should have just told the truth. Marcus starts to play the music. He’s shit at it. Sree tells Lisa that he is leaving tonight. He says that it is the right decision. Noirin says that Sree is an idiot. He should be a bigger man than that. A few minutes later, Sree is seeking attention and encouragement from Lisa and Karly. Dogface is trying to get shit faced by drinking the last of the bottles of alcohol.

Later that night, BB calls Siavash to the diary room. He finds a sword in there. He must take the sword to the living room and await for further instructions. Siavash will shortly bestow an immunity to eviction upon a HM. He’s got a minute to make a decision. He decides on Marcus because he is close to him.

BB gathers the HM to give the results the shopping task. The cooks, the singers and the dancers failed their task. The village idiot Marcus failed his task and therefore the HM fail the shopping task. They will only receive a basic budget this week.

Sree and Noirin are in the sitting room talking. They have been talking for 42 minutes. She confronts him about his lies. He still denies that he lies. Noirin tells him that to him that he is a compulsive liar.

Some of the HM are talking in the bedroom. Siavash says that her asshole is the biggest in the house. He is talking about Sree. Angel is flirting with Noirin.

Lisa wants to have a talk with Sree. Karly and Charlie are there. They tell him that he keeps talking about Marcus and Noirin. It’s become an obsession.

Live Nominations BBUK S10E24

Angel              Sree     Siavash            “Most of the arguments are because of him.”

Charlie             NA

Dogface          Angel  Halfwit            “She is sneaky and backstabbing.”

Halfwit            Sree     Kris                 “He is a cheat.”

Karly               Angel  Halfwit            “She is a thief and she’s too negative.”

Kris                 Angel  Halfwit            “He is patronizing.”

Lisa                 Angel  Halfwit            “She tells everyone is fat.”

Marcus            Sree     Lisa                 “He insulted my culture.”

Noirin              Sree     Halfwit           “He is so far up Angel’s ass, it’s annoying.”

Rodrigo           Sree     Halfwit            “He is two-faced.”

Siavash            Angel  Sree                 “He lied.”

Sree                 Halfwit Siavash          “Inappropriate language with females.”

Angel and Halfwit have been nominated. The HM are immediately informed.

* * * * *

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