Big Brother UK S10E25 (Channel 4)

Noirin is talking to some of the HM about Angel’s comment about her ass. Last night, she told Noirin that she had a fat ass. Noirin likes her ass and doesn’t take her comments to heart.

Angel tells Charlie that Rodrigo fancies him. Sree and Rodrigo are talking. He is trying to rationalize what he said. Last night, he lied about having drank a few bottles of mead. He said he only drank when he had more. He was caught in his lie. After that, he told everyone that he wants to leave. Rodrigo tells him that he needs to be thankful for being here.

Marcus and Noirin are doing the shopping list. They only have 1 pound per person. Halfwit keeps interrupting them and Noirin tells him off.

Sree tells Lisa that Siavash is the center of attention, with Marcus and recently Noirin. Charlie comes to see Lisa and Sree. He says that Angel is doing the adding up. She told Charlie that she is a mathematician. Sree blames Angel for what happened last night.

Karly has come to the diary room. She says that a long as she got smokes, she is going to be alright.

It’s good that they give us toilet paper, ‘cause I’d not like to feel guilty taking a shit.

Angel tells Noirin that people have given up on the looks. She tells Noirin that she is letting herself go. Angel is one to talk. She looks really bad most of the time. She looks like a hobo. A bad anorexic hobo. Noirin just walks away.

Noirin and Marcus are in the bedroom. He says that he thought he would have gotten nominated. He says that she has gotten bossy recently. She is getting close to Sree territory. Noirin tells Karly that she can cook today if she wants. Marcus later tells her that she was giving her permission to cook.

Noirin tells Lisa about Angels comments about the way she looks and her weight. Lisa tells her not to worry. A few minutes later, Angel comes up to Noirin and tells her that she looks 3 months preggers. Lisa tells her off for being an idiot. She says that everyone is getting fat. The group doesn’t agree, but Halfwit defends her. Angel tries to apologize, but Noirin doesn’t give a shit.

Angel tells Halfwit what she told Noirin. He says that it was ridiculous. Angel wants to motivate Noirin to work out. Noirin tells Lisa that it’s funny how far up Angel’s ass Halfwit is.

Once again, Angel has stolen something of Noirin’s. She took her hairbrush. Noirin takes it back. The HM receive their pictures. Angel tries to steal Siavash’s photos. She gets caught. She initially denies it. Kris goes to talk about this with some of the HM. She’s a thief.

Sree is getting his hair bleached. It doesn’t turn out too good. Lisa says that he looks like a gay. Angel has come to the diary room. She says that she really likes Noirin. She has a strange way of showing this. She says that she shouldn’t talk to her because she’s just say stupid things.

The HM have just nominated and Halfwit and Angel will face the public vote. Halfwit is a bit despondent. Rodrigo has come to the diary room. He tries to defend her. He says that she is a good person.

Kris says that he isn’t about to jump full into a relationship. He isn’t ready yet. Angel and Marcus are in the living room. He tells her that telling people that they are fat isn’t a good way to proceed and nicking people’s stuff, like Siavash’s picture didn’t work well for her either.

HM are talking about Angel in the bedroom. Marcus thinks that she will leave. Angel and Halfwit are in the diary room.

* * * * *

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