Bike Service

Topeak Mini 18+
Topeak Mini 18+

Today, I wanted to go out for a ride, but they typhoon weather had other ideas. That’s not really an excuse, but there is really nothing that you can do when it’s pouring heavily. I kind of get what it means to have a bike. Mechanical faults will happen and it’s best to have it serviced as often as possible.

What I really like in Taiwan, is that you don’t pay for service, you only pay for parts. Today, I put my new Topeak Mini 18+ to work by changing tires. I had a pair of Ritchey Tom Slick Comp 1s that were just itching to be put on my bike. Since I don’t plan on doing any trails anytime soon, I thought that this would be a good idea, for now at least.

I first checked that the adaptor I had gotten worked well and then changed the tires. The first one was pretty easy, since I had just added a tube. Originally, it was tubeless, but I had a flat this week. The back was more of a problem. I knew that there was a problem since I was forcing way too much to get the wheel out. I managed to do so, but once again, I had real trouble getting the tire on. It took me a few minutes to realize why it wasn’t working. I wasn’t doing it circularly, I was just forcing. Once inflated, I noticed that when I put the wheel back, I did something to the rear disc brake pads. This happened the last time as well. I then left for the Giant shop, knowing that it would be closed tomorrow.

I rarely have to wait for service and I like that. Still, it took about an hour to get everything fixed up. A brake pad was changed. Both disc brakes were adjusted. The mechanic and owner of the store noticed a problem with the hook that connected the frame to the rear derailleur. It was bent. He noticed when he himself had to force to get the wheel out. He had to change it.

Meanwhile, I went around the shop. I oogled the carbon fiber bikes. They just received a new Kuota and the Scott Addict was gone, but the Giant TCR Advanced SL Team Rabo still drew me in. The Pinarello Prince and the Orbea Onix were there. I took some time to look at the wheelsets. They had some Fulcrum Racing Zero Reds that looked pretty neat. I could imagine them on a Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 easily, since the color scheme of the bike is black and red. I did some research and found that they weren’t too expensive. Doesn’t really matter that much, because the SL 0 comes with Zipp 404s.

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