Big Brother UK S10E26-27 (Channel 4)

Marcus tells Rodrigo about what Angel did last night. She was going to steal one of Siavash’s photos. The other HM are in the bedroom.

She’s shit-faced two faced!
Lisa on Angel

Angel tells the HM that she spent time working on her eviction outfit. Dogface is called to the diary room. She says that the HM overheard that he thinks that they only voted for himself and Angel because they are more intelligent.

In the sitting room, Halfwit is talking about individuals and sheep. Individuals can be wolves, shepherds and just plain individuals. He says that there are three individuals in the house. Sree, who’s just a plain wolf, Kris, a wolf dressed as a sheep, and Lisa, a wolf dressed as a shepherd. The sheep are Charlie, Sophie, Karly, Rodrigo, who was a sheep but is turning into an individual, Noirin started off as a sheep but has become an individual, Siavash an individual, Marcus is a shepherd, Halfwit and Angel are also individuals. He says that Kris doesn’t fancy Sophie. Lisa is interesting. The individuals keep getting nominated and there are going to be less and less interesting people in the house. He feels like he is being outsmarted and he doesn’t like this.

Lisa is going into the diary room. She comes across Kris and Charlie getting ready to throw water on Angel. They do so. She was working on her eviction outwit. She starts to cry. Halfwit comes to Angel’s aid. Angel goes to the bathroom to cry.

Angel is putting her black dye into Sree’s hair. Marcus and Siavash talk about Lisa. He confirms that Lisa was telling everyone how to vote. Charlie complains about Angel to Halfwit and Rodrigo. He doesn’t seem to get that it was just plain mean.

Some of the boys drop Siavash into the pool. Angel is in the diary room. She wants to stay in the house.

Halfwit and Sree are talking to Lisa. Freddie accuses Lisa that she knew that it would upset Angel. Lisa tells him to stop lecturing her. Charlie and

Sree and Siavash are in the bath. Sree is still talking about Noirin. Siavash calls him a dirty f*cker.

Don’t wash your dick in the bath, wash it in the shower.
Siavash to Sree

Halfwit is talking to Noirin about Lisa’s explosion. He thinks that she is responsible. Noirin says that Lisa says it how it is.

Davina tells the audience that BB has searched for evidence of Siavash’s claim that Lisa influences the nominations but hasn’t found any.

The HM are getting dressed up using bin bags. Marcus’ hair is all over the place. It’s pretty funny. Noirin tits are more apparent and Marcus appreciates them.

Halfwit tries to explain his theory on the group dynamics in the house after Sophie overheard something.

Noirin is pissed that Marcus and her are always doing the washing up. Noirin decides to ask Angel to do it now. It’s past midnight. The last time that Angel did it, they had to do it all over again. Rodrigo doesn’t like that Noirin asked Angel to do it. It might be her last night. Rodrigo tells her not to speak to her like this. Sree tries to interfere, and Noirin sends her away. They get into a real argument. Noirin is just pissed off because she is always doing the washing up. Kris tells Angel to go into the kitchen. She might defuse the situation.

Halfwit gets into it as well. Marcus is still doing the washing up. At the end, Marcus tells them that during the argument, the washing up was done.

Noirin and Marcus are talking about the situation. Noirin says that she needs to take a chill pill. Marcus tells her that she needs to be screwed, that will release some of her tension. He doesn’t say it like that, but implies that if she would be getting sex, she wouldn’t be so wound up. He says that all of the other guys have noticed as well, that’s why they are fussing around her so much.

Eviction Night BBUK S10E27

Angel looks like a train wreck. Davina talks with the house. Angel is evicted. She gets universal boos. Angel says that she failed in her mission, which was to get the HM to exercise.

She is confronted about stealing. She didn’t ask and tried to take it. The psychologist says that Angel wanted to set up a trainer and trainee relationship, one on one. However, she was clearly rejected and that made her aggressive towards Noirin.

She says that she fancies Freddie’s brain.

* * * * *

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