Big Brother UK S10E28 (Channel 4)

Karly tells Sree that he has to be careful not to wash his hair. The black dye isn’t permanent and it will come out. Siavash tells Charlie, Marcus and Noirin that a year’s worth of profits from ice cream sales would save an African country. Marcus says that countries can’t sort other countries out if they can’t sort them out themselves.

Sophie tells Karly that Halfwit thinks that she is a sheep. She didn’t like that. Lisa, Kris and Charlie are talking about Marcus. They think that he fancies Noirin. They don’t like Halfwit much. They find him patronizing.

Marcus and Noirin are in the bedroom. Marcus is called to the diary room. Marcus tells BB that he is cockblocking him again. He says that he doesn’t fancy her, but he thinks that she is lovely.

Angel is cleaning the kitchen. Karly and Sophie are exercising. Noirin and Angel are talking about cleaning. Angel says that she loves cleaning. Noirin and Rodrigo talk about what they argued about yesterday.

For some reason, Sree takes off his shirt and starts doing push-ups. He can only do about 15. Marcus says that he can that many on one hand. Actually he is egged on by the HM. Marcus tells Noirin that Siavash and Sree are doing mating displays for her.

Sree, Charlie and Rodrigo are cooking. Sree starts arguing with Rodrigo. Sree finds it funny. Karly, Lisa and Noirin are talking about Angel. Angel is twirling a stick around and saying that she is going to Hollywood.

Sree, Halfwit and Angel are in the kitchen. Halfwit tells him not to use up all of the garlic. Sree is arguing again. Halfwit wants to keep the garlic for the whole week. Sree comes to the bedroom to complain. He wants Kris to adjudicate. Sree is aggressive. He’s a git.

Charlie and Kris are just watching them. Sree thinks that he can bury Freddie with a louder voice. Lisa pipes in to defend Lisa. Sree is being patronizing and makes fun of Halfwit’s dyslexia.  Marcus arrives to see the fun. Freddie just gives up.

Please, he is eating my brain.

Most of the HM are eating dinner. Lisa kind of complains about Sree’s food. When Halfwit leaves, Sree whinges about Freddie again. The potatoes were undercooked. Halfwit complains to Marcus. Marcus says that Sree cooks because of his gameplan. Halfwit is insulted that he has been nominated and not Sree. Marcus advises Freddie to talk to people he usually doesn’t talk to in order to make friends. That might stop him from being nominated all of the time. Marcus mentions Karly and other intermediate people.

Charlie compliments Noirin on the way he looks. Sree insults her and says that he is joking. She tells him to leave her hair alone. Noirin tells Sophie that Sree likes to put other people down. Noirin pushes him away. She doesn’t want to be near him. Sree tells her that she is so f*cking rude.

It’s been about an hour since Angel was evicted. Marcus and Noirin are talking about Lisa and Sree. Marcus thinks that Lisa has got a gameplan. Sree has also got a gameplan, but Lisa’s is better than Sree’s. The HM exchanged a token for some alcohol. Marcus asks her if she wants her surprise. She says that she does and he gives her a kiss on the ear. Charlie, Kris and Sree are in the diary room. They want more alcohol. BB won’t be giving them any more alcohol.

In the living room, Sophie says that she is really hungry. Sophie is drunk and shows her fanny to Marcus and Siavash. She keeps falling down.

At 1:28AM, Sree is in the diary room. He has got no more feelings for Noirin. He is jealous of Marcus and the fact that Noirin is spending so much time with him. Charlie makes Halfwit rub his back.

* * * * *

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