Big Brother UK S10E28 (Channel 4)

Karly tells Sree that he has to be careful not to wash his hair. The black dye isn’t permanent and it will come out. Siavash tells Charlie, Marcus and Noirin that a year’s worth of profits from ice cream sales would save an African country. Marcus says that countries can’t sort other countries out if they can’t sort them out themselves.

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Big Brother UK S10E26-27 (Channel 4)

Marcus tells Rodrigo about what Angel did last night. She was going to steal one of Siavash’s photos. The other HM are in the bedroom.

She’s shit-faced two faced!
Lisa on Angel

Angel tells the HM that she spent time working on her eviction outfit. Dogface is called to the diary room. She says that the HM overheard that he thinks that they only voted for himself and Angel because they are more intelligent.

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How to Make a Glass Desk Mouse Friendly

062909_rg_windowtintdesk_01.jpgEver since Ikea made glass desks really affordable, they have been popping around everywhere. We bet that you know quite a few people who have glass desks. Do they like them much? One thing is for sure, if you are using a glass desk as you computer desk, you may hit a problem or two when you try activating your mouse. Modern optical mice work almost anywhere. It’s kind of strange to realize that they don’t work on glass.

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Artmu Laptop Sleeve Doubles as Mousepad

062909_rg_artmusleeve_01.jpgWhen you take your laptop with you, you rarely take your mousepad. Even though optical mice track on most surfaces, they don’t always track well on all. That’s why it’s a good idea to have one around. Luckily Artmu have come up with a solution to this problem: a mousepad that is integrated into a laptop sleeve, to make sure that you have it with you at all times.

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Boynq WakeUp: Stylish and Effective Alarm Clock iPod Dock

062609_rg_boynqwakeup_01.jpgiPods and iPhones have become ubiquitous. If you compare the small form factor, size of the HD and just plain usability, the iPod is hard to beat. With up to 160GB of storage, which was strangely reduced to 120GB, you only need one thing to share you music with friends and family: a dock. It sounds simple, but there are thousands of docks available, and not all of them are equal. Some of them can do some pretty nifty stuff. Others, are just ornamental.

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Using Watering Cans To Create Affordable Mood Lighting

062609_rg_vallolight_01.jpgWe love mood lighting. There is nothing like placing a few mood lights around a room to revitalize it and change what it looks like. One problem that people face is the actual cost of buying and installing all of these mood lights. Thankfully, we’ve found a cheaper way to accomplish this, with just a little TLC, you’ll change moods easily and cheaply.

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A Day of Firsts

Well, Sunday marked a day of firsts.

It was the first time I was in an ambulance, the first time in my adult life that I lost consciousness, the first time in 9 years that I got stitches. It was also my first bicycle accident.

I remember fidgeting with my watch on my bike. That’s the last thing I remember because I must have crashed a few moments later. Thank goodness for helmets. To be honest, I don’t really like wearing helmets and I have at times thought about not wearing one. Thank God that I just wore it, day in and day out, without any complaints.

I woke up in the hospital or the ambulance. I was asking if I was in Taiwan. I couldn’t remember if I was an ESL teacher. At least, I knew my name, but I didn’t know what happened. I have three cuts on the left side of my face with a few stitches, I don’t know how many, and I have abrasions on both arms and knees. Thoughtfully, the paramedics brought my bike with me to the hospital and it was fine.

I recalled my own cell phone number and my home number after I woke up and my wife was on the way. I was discharged as soon as my wife arrived at around 3PM. I had left the house at around 11:30AM. From my guess, I had my accident at about 12:30PM. The exact memories of what happened are a bit foggy, but I guess that I need to buy a bicycle computer. That would have probably avoided the fall. My watch wasn’t fixed on the handlebars, but on my wrist.

It’s the day after and my wife got me a whole bunch of treats yesterday. It felt like Christmas. I told her jokingly that I should get injured more often. Nope, I don’t want to fall down again. Ah well, with my using the bike this much, as much as I used it back when I was 15-17 when I was seriously training, it was bound to happen. New bikes are lighter, stiffer and have new technologies in them that take a while to get used to. I think I was distracted and then fell down. The good news is that I’ll be getting a new helmet this week and that I’m fine. The Scott jersey that I was wearing was a bit torn up on the shoulder, but I can still wear it. Still, I’m totally miffed at having torn that. It was a birthday present from my wife.