Month: July 2009

  • 70 KM Night Bike Ride

    I didn’t manage to go on a ride yesterday. I felt a bit too knackered to ride. Since I wasn’t working today, I took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep and go out on a bike ride. I had some errands to run in Taipei, so I only went out at about 6:30PM.

  • Tera Patrick Polaroids By Kenneth Capello

    I’m not a fan of giant boobs, and I debated over whether to post this image or not. In the end, I found that this image was just so sexy and beautiful, so I had to post it. It oozes lust. Tera Patrick is a porn star, though I don’t really like those words. It’s…

  • Carlos Nunez

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  • Laurence Ellis

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  • Amber Gray

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  • Inspiration: Stylish LED Lighting Underneath Furniture

    There is a fine line between tacky and stylish. Some tacky ideas can yield some great results, even if they verge on being completely tacky. We have to say that usually lighting that is put underneath furniture doesn’t look too good. However, we are surprised at how this looks. It makes us believe that if…

  • Joby: More Than Just Tripods

    Joby’s Gorillapod is a well-known, lightweight, compact tripod solution that let you fix your camera in pretty much any situation. Now, after the success of the Gorillapod, Joby will be launching Gorillamobile, a Gorillapod-style stand for mobile devices. Joby’s site has some great solutions to some of your gadget problems. Most of all, they are…

  • Amy and Super Water Again

    -Amy, is your water still super water? -No… Amy replies with a smile

  • Big Brother UK S10E64 (Channel 4)

    Rodrigo, Dogface and Siavash are in the bathroom. Bea tells Noirin that she’s pissed off about HM. Noirin says that you feel like that sometimes in this house. Lisa arrives. Bea just made herself some French toast. She serves herself. Lisa complains about tea bags and takes the last ones. She supposes that someone is…

  • Big Brother UK S10E63 (Channel 4)

    Noirin asks Halfwit for advice about what to do with Siavash. She doesn’t want anything more than what they have. When Bea mentions that maybe she should cuddle Siavash, Noirin doesn’t like hearing that. Siavash arrives and both Halfwit and Bea give him cuddles. Noirin just watches.