Big Brother UK S10E29 (Channel 4)

Last night, Angel became the 4th person to be evicted from the house. Some of the HM are in the kitchen. Some of the HM are having breakfast. Kris tells Charlie that nominations will be hard this week. They will have to vote for people they get alone with.

Sree arrives. Sree says that Kris got two bowls of cereal. There is no cereal left for Sophie. Kris comes back to the kitchen. Noirin says that this warranted a slap if he was her boyfriend. She goes away.

Lisa says that Halfwit thinks that he’s already won the game. Lisa thinks that he is playing the game. Noirin says that he hasn’t argued in the house, that’s what politicians are known for.

Earlier today, all of the HM took part in a cleaning task. Lisa comes to the diary room and is given two tokens. She immediately gives one back to shave her hair. Lisa says that she wished that Halfwit would have gone. Halfwit is overconfident.

Sree is learning to swim thanks to Sophie and Karly. Siavash shares his fears on how he is perceived outside the house with Halfwit and Noirin. Siavash says that Noirin is a use and abuse kind of girl. She’s fitting in with the clichés. Noirin doesn’t think so.

Karly and Lisa are going through the rubbish bin trying to put together a cigarette from discarded ones. Halfwit has come to the diary room. He thinks that Sree is going to go this week, because Lisa is pulling away from him. Sree doesn’t like most of the people in the house. He’s been very smug and judgmental.

Kris is sharing his womanizing ways and the ways that he picks up girls. It’s shitty. Sree is playing along. He’s a git as usual.

Halfwit says that he goes to clubs to paint faces when he doesn’t have any money. Kris says that it is illegal. Charlie doesn’t think much of it.

Sophie comes to the diary room. Apparently, Kris is a bit down and she’s avoiding him. She thinks that he is thinking about home.

The HM are speculating about the reasons why they are in the house. Rodrigo compliments Kris. Siavash says that he was put in the house because he boasted about his womanizing, but he isn’t. Karly and Sophie are talking about Kris. He hasn’t spoken to her today. Karly thinks that he is thinking about his mates. He liked her too much and he got scared. Karly gives good advice.

Kris is going to bed early. Siavash is there to try and make him feel better. He says that the auditions were a lot different from what the HM actually are. Noirin says that Sree is the biggest bitch in the world. Karly agrees. Rodrigo tells him to change the record. BB has put him in the house because they need a loser. This is what Noirin says. Noirin tells him that she doesn’t fancy him. Sree says that he doesn’t fancy her either.

Earlier this evening, HM exchanged a token for some music and alcohol. Kris and Lisa are in the bedroom. Once again, Sree has taken Noirin apart to talk to. Noirin tells Sree that he is the cause of most of the arguments in the house. He keeps slagging people off. He cries when people take it out on him. The music stops and the HM can hear Sree and Noirin arguing once again. Noirin says that she doesn’t trust him because he disrespected her.

Siavash and Halfwit are at the Bus Stop. Halfwit is sorry for Sophie. She was given the gift of beauty and for her, it’s already past its peak. Rodrigo and Sophie are talking about Kris. He tells her that she should talk with Kris.

Sree tells Noirin that she is naïve. She tells him that some HM are taking advantage of him. She just wants to go to bed. Kris and Charlie are talking about Sophie. He says that she isn’t the sort of girl that he usually likes. Her sexual inexperience is putting him off. Kris says that she is too nice. He doesn’t want to miss something that would involve his emotions.

Marcus, Siavasha, and Halfwit are talking about Noirin. Marcus says that Noiring thrives on the fact that the male HM can think that they could mutually fancy each other. Halfwith says that Kris and Sophie are in a fake relationship. Marcus tells Halfwit that he is an easy target. Halfwit is always up against a person the HM are genuinely voted for.

Kris, Charlie, Sree and Karly are talking about Sophie. Karly thinks that the relationship isn’t worth it because Kris is worrying about a simple thing, like because he complains that Sophie didn’t check up on him. Kris says that Sophie isn’t opening to him so he won’t open to her on telly.

* * * * *

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