Big Brother UK S10E30 (Channel 4)

Most of the HM are in the bedroom. Noirin and Charlie are in the kitchen. Charlie says that Kris is upset. It’s about Sophie. She didn’t come to him when he ignored her. Noirin says that Sophie has only been in two relationships. When the alarm sounds, Kris gets into Sophie’s bed. They finally kiss and cuddle. They make up.

Lisa and Sree are in the bathroom talking about Noirin. Sree says it’s only silly fights. Charlie, Kris, Karly and Rodrigo are talking about Sree and Noirin. Karly says that he doesn’t listen and doesn’t take no for an answer. He is always bitching.

Karly is in the diary room. She says that Halfwit pisses her off, but sometimes, she has good intelligent conversations.

Siavash is asking Halfwit about his sexual activities. He says that it’s easy to pull gay guys.

BB has gathered the HM at the kitchen table. Marcus has been called to the diary room. Actually, he’s just the first HM to get there. They will play extreme sports. Marcus is the ref and he has to choose two team captains. The team that wins gets a party and takeaway food.

Noirin has picked Charlie, Lisa and Rodrigo. Siavash chose Kris, Karly and Halfwit. Noirin picks Sophie and Siavash had to get Sree.

The HM have been discussing who to assign to which tasks. Sree wants to skip, but he’s shitty. Marcus tells him off. In Noirin’s team, the decisions are easy. With Sree, it’s always more complicated. He’s a total git.

Marcus has been called to the diary room. In a moment, he will write down the name of the captain which will win the games. If he is correct, he will be able to go to the disco. He chooses Noirin of course.

The 1st event is the skipping race. They must skip barefoot around a track. Siavash decides on Sree. Karly thinks that it’s a bad idea. Sree is shitty and he loses to Sophie, who’s actually quite fast. She manages to lap him a few times. Karly tells Sree that he is shit. She has never seen anyone as shitty before. The 2nd event is the sack race. The sacks will contain stinking nettles. They have to do it in socks. It’s Charlie against Karly. Charlie is way ahead. Charlie laps Karly once.

The 3rd event is the egg and spoon race. Once they complete 5 laps, they have to eat the eggs, which are 1000-year old duck eggs from China. It’s Rodrigo against Kris. Kris has got the lead. Kris wins. Rodrigo pukes. It’s time for the extreme rule. They need to roll over upturned electrical plugs. Sree can’t remember the rules and leaves the bench. Siavash hits his head in frustration. It’s Halfwit against Lisa. Halfwit wins.

The fifth and final event will decide who wins since both teams have won 2 events. The final event will be a relay race will. The relay baton is a cactus. Siavash slips and Noirin’s team wins. Marcus shares his prediction and says that anything with Sree would lose.

It’s been an hour since Noirin and Sree is pouting. Noirin leaves. Kris says that Sree was the bad egg. Marcus tells his teammates that Sree is being a bastard. He’s just being a sore loser. Noirin is glad that he is going to be so upset. Marcus doesn’t understand why she spends so much time on him. She feels sorry for him. Marcus tries to rationalize that this is just making Sree look like a dick. Sree is a git!

Sree is complaining to Lisa and Noirin about the fact that he lost. Noirin doesn’t care much. He thinks that it’s all Marcus’ fault. Sree wants to talk with Noirin, but she leaves. She doesn’t want to spend more time with him. He’s insistent.

Sree is like the plague.

Team Noirin gets to party with Marcus in the sitting room. They get alcohol, food, donuts and sweets. Siavash walks away when he hears Wham! It’s his favorite song.

Kris and Karly try to exchange a token for alcohol. BB says that parties are for winners. They will not get alcohol. They try to bribe BB, but it doesn’t work. Kris wants to wind the other losing HM up. They pretend that 3 tokens will be exchanged for alcohol. Freddie goes to tell on them. Lisa says no. Siavash arrives.

Siavash tells Freddie that they were just winding them up. Sree tries to get Freddie to do some washing up, but he says he did loads before. Kris is on Freddie’s case for not doing the washing up. Kris says that he’s got loads of issues with Halfwit and he’s just boring him. Kris was doing the cooking. He expects them to do the washing up. Team Noirin are still in the disco. Marcus and Charlie are feeling sick.

Halfwit is in the bedroom. Sree comes to the HM and says that it was hard for Halfwit to do the dishes. Sophie and Karly are talking about Halfwit.

* * * * *

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