Big Brother UK S10E31 (Channel 4)

The noms are going to take place in a few minutes. Sree and Dogface are in the bathroom. Kris tells Charlie that more than two HM will be nominated. Charlie says 3 or 4. He is promptly called to the diary room to nominated. Sree is a git. He is talking to Noirin, but she isn’t listening. He doesn’t get it.

Marcus and Noirin are in the garden. He says that he likes Noirin’s tramp stamp. It’s her initials in Chinese characters.

Sree keeps interrupting Rodrigo and he calls him on it. He wants him to stop. Sree was taking the piss out of him. He was making fun of Leeds.

Philippines is with an F.
Kris to Dogface

Marcus and Noirin are in the kitchen. Noirin says that all of her life, she’s used her looks as a weapon to get what she wants.


Charlie           Halfwit            Siavash            “He seems to alienate from the group.”

Dogface          Halfwit            Marcus

Halfwit            Lisa                 Sree                 “He is disrespectful and two-faced.”

Karly               Halfwit            Marcus           “He’s vulgar.”

Kris                 Halfwit            Siavash

Lisa                 Halfwit            Marcus            “He’s a bit of a moaner.”

Marcus           Lisa                  Sree                 “She’s influencing people.”

Noirin             Halfwit            Sree                 “He’s annoying.”

Rodrigo           Halfwit            Sree                 “He talks over people.”

Siavash            Kris                 Sree                 “He has a gameplan.”

Sree                 Noirin              Marcus            “The way he talks with people.”

Halfwit and Sree are nominated.

Charlie and Kris come to the diary room to exchange a token for alcohol. Halfwit, Siavash and Sree notice what they have done. They’ve only got one token left. Halfwit wanted to be consulted. Kris and Charlie have a deal to propose. They want to drink all of the alcohol. In exchange, the next three weeks, they won’t have anything to drink. The girls don’t agree. This way is going to cause arguments.

Noirin and Marcus jump over the pool. Noirin tells Sree to try it. Charlie and Kris clear it. Sree isn’t doing it yet. He finally clears it. He needed a lot of encouragement of Noirin. Noirin is going to do it and her foot drops in the water. She made it though.

The HM are given their alcohol. There is a bit of an argument divvying it up. There is an extra bottle of wine. BB says that the bottle is for the HM. Rodrigo says that this is an alcoholic house. Kris and Charlie still try to get the alcohol for themselves. Halfwit is livid that they exchanged a token without consulting anyone. Kris doesn’t give a shit. Halfwit walks off.

Karly has come to the diary room. She’s drained. They have got no fags nor any food. She wished that they hadn’t exchanged a token for alcohol. Halfwit, Marcus and Siavash are talking in the bathroom. Rodrigo tells Sree to change his record. He’s annoyed that he keeps talking about Noirin. Rodrigo laughs at Sree.

Marcus, Sree, Halfwit and Siavash are in garden. Sree keeps daring Siavash to jump the pool. They decide to have a dash. They bet a can of lager or cider from the next alcohol. Siavash won. Sree can’t accept it. Siavash tells Sree that he hasn’t given back his can back from the time before. Sree pursues Siavash into the bedroom. Siavash tells him that it’s going to be double or nothing. Sree isn’t man enough. Lisa tells him that he betted him so he needs to pay up. They do another run in front of all of the HM and Sree loses again. What a git. He owes Siavash 4 cans.

Sree hasn’t got any balls. Sree pushes it and Siavash says that he will take even more. Siavash tells Sree that he isn’t man enough and hasn’t got any balls, which is true.

* * * * *

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