Big Brother UK S10E32 (Channel 4)

For this week’s shopping task, HM must embrace Italy. Kris is reading out instructions. There is a 24-hour ice cream shop. 3 HM must become tenors. One HM must be a fashionista. Two HM will be artists. Two HM will be Italian footballers. Freddie, Karly and Rodrigo sing. Noirin doesn’t want to do ice cream with Sree. She does the artist task. Charlie, Kris and Lisa are in the garden. Sophie is stuck with Sree. Karly is stuck with Freddie. Noirin says that she wanted to do the ice cream, but then Sree wanted to do it. She can’t stand him.

Siavash has to put on different costumes and pose when he hears Vogue by Madonna. He comes to the diary room and finds out that BB can play the music during the duration of the task.

Karly and Rodrigo are practicing. Freddie keeps interrupting them. Karly screams at him to shut up. Siavash has to strike a pose when he first hears Vogue. He must maintain the position for as long as BB wants. He is released when he hears Vogue again. Sree and Dogface must take orders from BB. The 1st order is up. Sree wanted to man the phones. He’s shit at it of course. They have three minutes. They immediately incur a fail. They have a right to 3 fails or they will incur one fail for the group.

Karly wants to practice, but Freddie wants to use the MP3 player. Karly then says that we will do what Freddie wants. Freddie doesn’t agree. She leaves and calls him an asshole. Freddie is a shitty singer. During the performance, Freddie screws up. Freddie sang Rodrigo’s part.

BB has gathered the HM to announce that Freddie and Sree are nominated. The HM talk about the result. Marcus says that he likes Sree like anyone else, but he feels sorry for Halfwit. It’s only Kris and Charlie that dislike him. Freddie tells Kris that Lisa is scheming behind his back. Kris doesn’t like Freddie. He annoys him. Freddie tries to explain that Kris is being influenced by Lisa, but he’s too patronizing for Kris, who just walks away.

Sree comes to the diary room. He is upset at being nominated and he has full confidence in his abilities. He shouldn’t. BB wants an ice cream with 57 sugar strands.

Some of the HM are in the bedroom talking about Halfwit. Lisa says that he’s got a gameplan. Kris doesn’t like him. BB orders the ice creams and because of Sree, they have obviously incurred a fail for the group. Marcus tells Sophie that Sree is f*cking useless.

* * * * *

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