Big Brother UK S10E33 (Channel 4)

Chris and Charlie are in the garden. They are footballers. Whenever BB plays some music, they must emulate the passion and drama of Italian footballers. Siavash is a fashionista. He must strike a pose when he hears Vogue. He has to remain stationary for a undetermined period of time until BB plays the song again.

Karly, Norin and Lisa are in the bedroom complaining. Charlie is talking with Halfwit, who was nominated again. Lisa tells Halfwit that she doesn’t hate him. She isn’t scheming behind his back. Karly joins in and says that people don’t like him because he’s got a gameplan. Kris is there and he doesn’t want to talk to Freddie anymore. Lisa starts singing babble to get Freddie to stop. Lisa wants Freddie to leave her alone. She has come to the kitchen. Lisa comes back. Freddie is still talking about her. Lisa tells him that he is paranoid. She tells him that she no longer wants to talk to him. She smartly walks away.

Sree gets another order. He messes it up again. Charlie tells Noirin and Marcus that Sree screwed up the task. They failed that part of the task. BB has given Noirin and Marcus instruction on their part of the task. They must create their own artistic masterpiece. They both don’t know is that their work will be compared to one created by a six-year old.

Karly and Sophie come to the diary room to check if they can eat the ice cream. BB tells them that if they do so, they will incur a fail for the ice cream shop task. They both think that they have already failed it. The HM gorge on ice cream.

Noirin and Marcus are painting. BB has gathered the HM at the dining table to reveal how Noirin and Marcus did. An independent art critic judges the paintings. Marcus’ gets #1 and the kid gets #2. So Noirin gets #2. They passed their part of the task.

Marcus says that it was hard to keep the other bastards awake all night. His task wasn’t too hard. Karly, Sophie and Sree are eating more ice cream. They don’t want him to go. Noirin asks Marcus who he thinks is going to go. Marcus thinks that Freddie is going to go, but he wants Sree to leave.

Freddie asks Karly why she freaked out on him. Karly tells him that during the task, they did what Freddie wanted not what the group wanted to do. She tells him to preach to him. She leaves. She doesn’t want to hear him. Sophie tells him that Lisa didn’t want to be around him and he keeps going around to see her all of the time. Karly comes back and tells him that he annoys everybody. She tells him that he is sneaky and vindictive. He purposely tries to piss people off. Karly is really pissed off and tells him to f*ck off. She walks away. He can’t leave it alone.

Charlie and Rodrigo are play fighting in the garden. He comes to the ice cream shop to get some syrup. Marcus tells Noirin that Rodrigo can get really aggressive when they play. Rodrigo tells Charlie that when he is done with Charlie he will never forget him. Rodrigo thinks that it went too far. Charlie didn’t realize it.

Lisa is called to the diary room. She says that Freddie is just going too far. She is also dying for a fag. Siavash tells him not to talk to them. Freddie won’t do it. The HM have been told that they passed this week’s shopping task.

Freddie is in the diary room. He tells BB that he’s had a good day today. I think he is just fooling himself. Karly is called to the diary room. Even though Halfwit annoys her, she says that they have to support him either way, he is who he is. I think that saying that was quite beautiful.

* * * * *

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