Big Brother UK S10E34-35 (Channel 4)

The HM are doing the shopping list. Sree is supposed to calculate stuff, but he’s being a git again. Marcus is not having it. Sree complains to some HM in the garden. They tell him to talk to Marcus, but he doesn’t. Marcus also called him a girl.

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Sree continues to complain to Lisa when the shopping is done. Marcus tells him that he is criticizing him because he keeps abusing people. Marcus tells him to shut up because he started abusing people when things didn’t go his way. Marcus says that he should say this to him in the outside. Sree says that if he comes to see him in the outside, he will call the police. He tells him that he will go to prison and eat dogfood for the rest of his life. Marcus is called to the diary room. Sree continues to complain and scream. Noirin tells him to shut up. Lisa gets involved. Halfwit says Sree is making it our business by talking to him. Kris and Lisa tell Sree to shut it.

Marcus is in the diary room and being questioned about the argument he just had with Sree. Sree is a total git. He says that BB is being rude by bringing him in here. He was always on the defensive. BB tells him that BB won’t tolerate offensive and aggressive language. Marcus isn’t having it because Sree keeps taking the Mickey out of him all of the time. BB tries to reason with Marcus to make him admit that his remark was offensive and racist, but Marcus isn’t having it. Marcus is bothered now. He wasn’t bothered before. BB says that BB didn’t call anyone racist. BB tells him that he can return to the house.

Halfwit hopes that Sree will be gone. Marcus hopes so. Noirin says that the public might love him for causing the drama. Sree has been called to the diary room. Sree complains to BB. Sree thinks that he is blameless. He isn’t. He is a git.

Some of the HM are collecting this week’s shopping. Most of the HM are in the bedroom. Halfwit tells Siavash that he does have the gay gene. Siavash tells him that it’s a bunch of BS. Halfwit kind of fancies Siavash, but Siavash is totally straight.

Marcus has been called to the diary room again. He has to listen to BB. He can respond afterwards. He is told that in his argument, it could have been perceived that his language was threatening. Further to this, BB has spent time reviewing the argument. BB has no doubt that his language was threatening. BB has no choice but to issue him a warning. Any other further threatening use will see him ejected. The warning is about the argument that he had with Sree in the garden. Marcus isn’t having it. He is told that BB’s decision is final. He is free to leave the diary room.

Marcus comes out and is very angry. Kris tells Sophie and Rodrigo that Sree isn’t innocent. He is backstabbing and manipulating. He tries to play the victim. Marcus, Siavash and Freddie are in the living room. Freddie tells him that the language he used was inching toward a physical fight. Halfwit says that Sree is the only one with the poor me persona. No one else is like that in the house.

Rodrigo tells Marcus that he shouldn’t let Sree ruin his BB experience. Marcus is reading the BB rules. Lisa, Sree and Karly are at the bus stop. Lisa is once again protecting Sree. He thinks that Marcus is a 35-year old donkey.

As part of their shopping, HM have hired a selection of inflatables for 24 hours. BB has called Halfwit to the diary room. He doesn’t think that Marcus was threatening or being racist. He thinks that Sree is cynical and passive aggressive. It riles Marcus the wrong way. Sree is very manipulative. He starts arguments by attacking people. Then he plays the victim.

Friday Night Eviction BBUK S10E35

Davina talks with the house. Sree is evicted. He is universally booed. Judy James and Kelly Osbourne are waiting for him. He is asked about Marcus. Once again, Sree says that he is blameless. Kelly says that Sree doesn’t know when to shut up. He got 85% of the vote. He is showed the noms. Judy tells him that he took the role of house baby. It’s called pseudo infantile remoting techniques. He changed his behavior this week. He went on to criticize people and make fun of them, like Freddie’s dyslexia. He still denies using it against Freddie. It’s hard to ignore it since it was caught on tape. He suffers from a massive ego.

He is also confronted with how he acted with Noirin. He says that she was just a friend. Kelly thinks that Noirin got a publicist before going into the house. Judy says that he did negative mimicry, taking what people used against Sree against them.

* * * * *

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