34 KM Bike Ride

I pushed and tugged my bike to the bike shop for repairs. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that it only opened at 1PM. I arrived at 12:25. I waited for half an hour, since it didn’t make sense to push my bike back home and come back. I’d only have a few minutes at home.

I left the bike for the afternoon to get it fully serviced. I tried on a few new helmets. I haven’t gotten a new one since my crash. I also tried some shades.

Uvex Lightning Pro
Uvex Lightning Pro

Of the ones they had in stock, I settled for the Uvex Lightning Pro. They have interchangeable lenses and look good enough to wear day in day out, not just on the bike.

I had Diane drop me off at my house and then went to work. I walked back to the shop at around 5PM. The owner told me that he had to replace one of the wheels of the derailleur. It was all messed up. He tried to change both, but couldn’t. He took the time to try out the bike.

I tried on some more helmets. Diane brought down all of the Cratoni stock. I settled on a Achillon model. Personally, I’d like to get a Giro Ionos, but they didn’t have it in the shop and I needed some protection. I noticed some new shirts from Maxxis there. I also got a Buff and then went back home to put on my biking clothes. I went out at around 5:45.

People always ask me if it is hot when I bike or scooter around. I can’t really answer since I go really fast. I go fast enough that the heat doesn’t really bother me. I don’t really notice it at all. There were a lot less people on the path so I could speed easily. I didn’t have any mechanical faults and the first half of the ride went by quickly. I even ran up the stairs with my bike on the Huajhong bridge. There was a bit of rain, but it was only a few drops. I sped away from it quickly.

The second half was done in the riverside parks of Taipei, on the Xindian River, and they went smoothly as well. In the beginning of the ride, I felt that my legs were still slightly sore from Sunday’s ride, but once I started pedaling, I didn’t notice. I tried to keep my cadence high and paid close attention to the derailleur. It no longer shifts by itself, though I did notice that the last gear takes about a second to be found. I don’t know why, but after a while, it no longer happened.

I completed 34 km in about 51:43. That was a good pace, about 40 kph. I think I might add some Ergon carbon grips. They have these levers at the end which make pedaling hard easier. All in all, I was pretty happy. My goal is to do this at least 4 or 5 times a week, and go for longer rides on the weekend, like 60-100km. I’d really like to go for a 200 km ride at one point, though those rides need a bit more foresight. You need to carry more water and gear to make it pass easier. For not, the longest ride I’ve gone onto is about 90 minutes. In the coming weeks, I want to be able to double that amount.

If I can run 10 km and bike 100 km every day, that would be really cool. For now, I haven’t started running again because of my accident. The wounds are almost all healed up, but it’s looking like I will start running again this week.

I still love running, but biking is just so much faster, which is why I really like it a lot.

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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